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The MLB Off-Season is Underway…. Finally!

Yu Darvish…to the Cubs: Yu Darvish has finally made his decision. He has signed a 6-year contract with the Chicago Cubs worth $126 million. The Minnesota Twins, Los Angeles Dodgers, and New York Yankees were involved in some of his potential landing spots, but the Chicago Cubs ultimately prevailed.

This move definitely bolsters the Cubs rotation and definitely increases their odds at 2018 World Series trophy. Darvish was with the Texas Rangers last season before being traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers at the trade deadline.

He accumulated a combined 3.86 ERA between the two teams which is unusually high for him. Darvish, 31, took the league by storm after coming over from Japan during the 2012 season. He has made the All-Star game 4 out of his 5 total years in the majors.

What This Means for The Cubs:  This move solidifies a dominant starting rotation and allows the Cubs to be extremely competitive in the post season. Rolling out a rotation of Jon Lester, Yu Darvish, Jose Quintana, and Kyle Hendricks is scary good and each of those pitchers can eat up innings.

The Cubs acquired Jose Quintana last season from their cross-town rivals, the Chicago White Sox. Quintana is under a very team-friendly deal that yields him $26 million over 5 years. He is under contract until 2021, as is Jon Lester. Signing Darvish gives the Cubs at least 3 years of this trio together to try and capture another World Series title.

What This Means for Other Free Agents: This has been a VERY slow off-season. Pitchers and catchers report for all teams this week and there are plenty of free agents still available. I believe Yu Darvish’s signing will start a domino effect and signings will happen in a flurry.

There are only 46 days until opening day, and still multiple $80+ million contracts are expected to be signed. Now it is just a waiting game, but I expect to see more action very soon.

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