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Analyzing Value World Series Odds

Spring Training is a tradition unlike any other.  It signifies that baseball is about a month away, while also symbolizing that winter is fading away. Every fan base gets a blank slate and comes into spring training with hope. Ok, maybe not the Marlins, but 29 other clubs have some sort of expectations for the 2018 baseball season. Let’s break down two World Series bets that can potentially yield some monetary value down the road.

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San Francisco Giants: +2000 (Bovada)

The Giants are an interesting team at +2000 to win the World Series. They have had a sneaky good offseason, acquiring Andrew McCutchen, Evan Longoria, and Austin Jackson. Pair that with Buster Posey, Hunter Pence, Brandon Belt, Joe Panik, and Brandon Crawford and that is a very formidable lineup. Flipping the side to the pitching is where concern may rise.  Although they have an ace in Bumgarner, the depth may cause trouble. Johnny Cueto seems to trending down and Samardzija has been trending down forever. The bullpen is average and have some solid throwers coming out of there such as Sam Dyson and Mark Melancon. Bottom line is the Giants can create havoc with their lineup, but they just need their pitching to hold up. This could be a trendy pick to win the World Series at +2000.

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Milwaukee Brewers: +3300 (Bovada)

Ok, you may be thinking “The Milwaukee Brewers are not winning the World Series.”  Yeah, you’re probably right, but this is about value. I view the NL Central like this from top to bottom: Great, good, good, stink, stink. The Brewers are in the “good” category and can beat up on the “stink” category (looking at you Reds and Pirates). They face the Reds and Pirates 38 times and must take advantage of those games. The Brewers won 86 games last year and have improved the roster since. They added Christian Yelich, and Lorenzo Cain and now have a very good outfield. It would not surprise me for this team to win 90 games this year and sneak into the playoffs. And as the story goes, once you’re in the playoffs anything can happen. I like the Brew-Crew for +3300 as a nice value bet.

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