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Quarterback Carousel Predictions After Tyrod Taylor Trade

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In a shocking series of events yesterday, the Browns made three big trades, one of them landing Tyrod Taylor in Cleveland. This trade pretty much ensures that the Browns will use Tyrod Taylor as a one-year-bridge-QB to the QB they draft at pick #1 or #4. Here are my predictions for the rest of the teams with QB issues:

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Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings have two ideal qualities that would make them the perfect fit for any free-agent quarterback: money and talent. Now, they could play it safe and resign Case Keenum, but many people in the business believe that we’ve seen the peak of Keenum. Reports have said that the Cousins sweepstake is down to the Jets and the Vikings. The Jets will probably offer Kirk Cousins more money, but the Vikings can offer good money while offering something the Jets can’t: a chance at a Super Bowl. The Vikings went to the NFC Championship with their backup quarterback. Imagine how they’d fare with Kirk Cousins leading them. The Vikings already have one of the best duos of receivers in the game, a talented TE, a young up-and-coming running back and an elite defense. I fully expect the Vikings’ starting quarterback next year to be Kirk Cousins.

Verdict: Sign Kirk Cousins

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Denver Broncos

The Broncos all-time defense has been wasting away in Mile High thanks to John Elway’s overconfidence in his ability to turn the likes of Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch into starting-caliber quarterbacks. The Broncos are the third team in the running for Kirk Cousins, but they most likely will have to settle for a lower tier-quarterback. Look for Case Keenum to land here with Elway drafting a young QB in the first round. Keenum would be a perfect fit in this system because he wouldn’t be asked to do too much. He would potentially go from a WR duo of Adam Theilen and Stefon Diggs to Emanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas. Not a bad trade off. He would also be going from a really good defense to a great one. I could easily see Keenum’s former teammate, Sam Bradford, be the pick here because he will most likely be cheaper, but his injury history should scare Elway and the Broncos.

Verdict: Sign Case Keenum and draft a QB

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New York Jets

The New York Jets outperformed everybody’s expectations last season and a big reason for that was the quarterback play of Josh McCown. McCown gave his heart and soul into the team before breaking his leg and ultimately ending the Jets season. The Jets loved McCown and McCown loved the Jets, and for that reason it makes sense for him to be brought back. The most likely scenario here is that the Jets give McCown a short-term, average sized deal and draft the QB of the future with their 6th overall pick. The Jets have the capital and if they aren’t able to entice Cousins to the big apple, then they’d be wise to spend money on talent around McCown and the future QB.

Verdict: Josh McCown and draft a QB

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Buffalo Bills

The Bills just traded Tyrod Taylor to the Browns, so they’re officially in the market for a QB. They could use there two first round picks to try to move up in the top ten of the draft or stay put and possibly draft Lamar Jackson. However, they don’t want to risk not getting a QB in the draft and having to ride with Nathan Peterman. The play here that makes the most sense would be Sam Bradford. Bradford would be able to rely on McCoy and make safe throws to 6’5″ Kelvin Benjamin. Bradford has a troubled injury past, but the Buffalo offensive line should keep him upright. Personally, I think the Bills will use their draft capital (six picks in the first three rounds) to move up and take a QB in the first round, but they should have a back up plan and Sam Bradford fits the bill.

Verdict: Sam Bradford and move up to draft a QB

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Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are an interesting team because they have zero quarterbacks on their current roster, but they also aren’t in a great position to draft a top QB. The Cardinals have a good defense and have offensive weapons in star running back David Johnson and ageless wonder Larry Fitzgerald. The Cardinals aren’t as wealthy as the Jets or the Browns. They also aren’t as talented as the Vikings or even the Broncos. Because of this, I expect AJ McCarron to find a new home in Arizona. McCarron has sat behind the dreadful play of Andy Dalton, so he’ll be eager to prove himself. I could see the team going with Teddy Bridgewater, but there is too much uncertainty with him. McCarron has a higher and safer ceiling. The Cardinals have the power to put a good team around McCarron and he should finally get his shot to prove he’s a franchise quarterback.

Verdict: Sign AJ McCarron

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