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Prediction: LeBron James Will Be A Los Angeles Laker in 2018-2019

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After a bumpy postseason road thus far for LeBron James, it is beginning to seem as if it is more likely than not that LeBron James could play his last game in Cleveland on Friday night. It’s been a great ride for LeBron in Cleveland, but if he wants to win a championship again before his career ends, Cleveland isn’t the place to do it.

It has been widely speculated that the teams LeBron James will consider in free agency are the Philadelphia 76ers, Houston Rockets, and Los Angeles Lakers. That being said, if LeBron James does leave the Cavaliers, I think he will definitely be a Laker.

The Lakers are going into one of the most crucial offseasons in franchise history. The team has failed to make the playoffs since 2012-2013, and for a storied franchise for the Lakers, that’s a really long time.

Magic Johnson has spoken about the Lakers potentially signing two max players this offseason, which seems to be possible, as they are going to be among the top in the league in cap space going into free agency.

With the Paul George to LA rumors swirling like crazy, I can almost guarantee you that he will be the other max player that the Lakers sign in addition to LeBron James. Add Paul George and LeBron James to all the young talent that the Lakers have, and they are easily among the top in the Western Conference.

Julius Randle is a restricted free agent, but if the Lakers can find a way to re-sign him for cheaper than the max, and trade Luol Deng to clear more cap space, then this team would be sitting pretty.

Imagine a team of Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, LeBron James, Paul George, Julius Randle, and Kyle Kuzma. With all those young guys improving, this team could easily compete for a championship.

In terms of LeBron James personally, he has a house in Los Angeles, and I think the idea of playing for a historic team like the Lakers would really appeal to him.

This is something to look forward to as the NBA offseason is approaching.

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