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World Cup Preview & Predictions: Group B

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FIFA Ranking: 4

Player to watch: Cristiano Ronaldo

Tournament Preview: After winning Euro 2016, teams are going to be out to dethrone them. After 2014’s early exit out of the World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo will be sure not to let that happen again.

Score Predictions: 1 – 1 Draw vs Spain / 3 – 0 Win vs Morocco / 1 – 1 Draw vs Iran

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FIFA Ranking: 8

Player to watch: David de Gea

Tournament Preview: Spains goalkeeper, defense and midfield could all put up good arguments to be best in the world. However, there are worries about who is going to put goals in, especially as they head towards the later rounds.

Score Predictions: 1 – 1 Draw vs Portugal / 2 – 0 Win vs Morocco / 3 – 1 Win vs Iran

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FIFA Ranking: 42

Player to watch: Mehdi Benatia

Tournament Preview: Morocco did a fantastic job a qualifying for the World Cup, but they definitely got unlucky being placed with Portugal and Spain. It will take a miracle for them to advance.

Score Predictions: 0 – 3 Loss vs Portugal / 0 – 2 Loss vs Spain / 1 – 3 Loss vs Iran

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FIFA Ranking: 36

Player to watch: Sardar Azmoun

Tournament Preview: The Iranians do not have a bad team. They went through World Cup qualifying without losing a single match. However like Morocco, they just got unlucky being placed with Portugal and Spain.

Score Predictions: 1 – 1 Draw vs Portugal / 1 – 3 Loss vs Spain / 3 – 1 Win vs Morocco


Final Standing Prediction

Spain (7 pts)

Portugal (5 pts)

Iran (4 pts)

Morocco (0 pts)

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