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World Cup Preview & Predictions: Group D

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FIFA Ranking: 5

Player to watch: Lionel Messi

Tournament Preview: You may be thinking Argentina will cake walk to the later rounds, but due to the vast struggles they had qualifying and questions in their back line, Argentina may be an example of a team with a lot of talent that doesn’t gel well together. One big name goes out early every tournament, and signs point to Argentina on being that team. However, if I’m mistaken and Argentina gels well, they could just as easily be the team hoisting the trophy when it’s all said and done.

Score Predictions: 1 – 1 Draw vs Iceland / 1 – 2 Loss vs Croatia / 1 – 1 Draw vs Nigeria

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FIFA Ranking: 22

Player to watch: Gylfi Sigurdsson

Tournament Preview: Iceland’s cinderella run in Euro 2016 was no fluke as they qualified for their first ever World Cup. It’s harsh that they were drawn to such a tough group. However, this team has a whole lot of heart and that can take you somewhere

Score Predictions: 1 – 1 Draw vs Argentina / 1 – 2 Loss vs Croatia / 3 – 4 Loss vs Nigeria


FIFA Ranking: 18

Player to watch: Luka Modric

Tournament Preview: Croatia is sneakily stacked with superstars from teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus. Along with Belgium, these two teams have the talents to take a small nation deep into the tournament.

Score Predictions: 2 – 1 Win vs Argentina / 2 -1 Win vs Iceland / 4 – 2 Win vs Nigeria

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FIFA Ranking: 47

Player to watch: Kelechi Ineanacho

Tournament Preview: Nigeria has consistently been one of the strongest African soccer nations. The Super Eagles are fairly young and have a mountain to climb in this tough group, but I wouldn’t put it past them.

Score Predictions: 1 – 1 Draw vs Argentina / 4 – 3 Win vs Iceland / 2 – 4 Loss vs Croatia


Final Standing Prediction

Croatia (9 pts)

Nigeria (3 pts)

Argentina (2 pts)

Iceland (1 pts)

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