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Q&A With NFL Draft Analyst Jon Ledyard of The Draft Network

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With the the first month of the NFL and College Football in the books, we spoke to Chief Operating Officer and Senior NFL Draft Analyst for The Draft Network, Jon Ledyard. You can follow Jon on Twitter @LedyardNFLDraft, and also follow The Draft Network on Twitter @DraftNetworkLLC for great NFL Draft analysis! Here’s the Q&A:

Dylan Burd: It seems as if there’s really no crystal clear #1 QB in the 2019 NFL Draft class yet. Who’s your #1 QB, and who are the others right behind him?

Jon Ledyard: Agreed, but if Herbert declares I think you’ll see him emerge as the top guy. Haskins is the only one I can see competing with him if he declares. Lock hasn’t grown enough. Stidham and Finley are too limited.

Dylan Burd: What’s your take on the Giants right now and if they get another top-7 pick are they taking a quarterback or offensive line?

Jon Ledyard: If there’s a QB worth taking, they should pull the trigger. Should have done it last year. They need to be 4-12 and not 7-9 this year. Or else it’ll magnify last year’s mistake when the Giants are stuck in middle of draft order where no QBs are.

Dylan Burd: I know it’s early, but is Tua Tagovailoa already a lot better than any 2019 quarterback prospect?

Jon Ledyard: I honestly don’t know, haven’t scouted Tua closely yet, won’t until next summer. From live viewings, Haskins and Herbert look better.

Dylan Burd:  Is their a dominant wide receiver in the 2019 draft class? If not who are some guys on your radar?

Jon Ledyard: I think D.K. Metcalf will be yes. He’s my top guy. His two fellow Ole Miss WRs, Kelvin Harmon, Riley Ridley, Deebo Samuel, Bryan Edwards and others stand out too. Great WR class.

Dylan Burd: What are your thoughts on Kyler Murray thus far? And where would he be ranked had he not chose to play baseball?

Jon Ledyard: He’s a fun college QB who I haven’t taken a close look at because I know he’s playing baseball. 5’10”, 190 isn’t really NFL QB size or even close. I doubt he’d get drafted.

Dylan Burd: What are your thoughts on Shea Patterson and his transition to Michigan thus far?

Jon Ledyard: Lately I’ve been more impressed with Shea. Solid arm, more poise, better decisions. I’m excited to see how he does against top competition.

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