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Demaryius Thomas Traded to the Texans: Grades and Analysis

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On the day of the NFL Trade Deadline, a name that’s been thrown around a lot in trade rumors, Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas, has been dealt to the Texans. Here’s a breakdown of the trade:

Texans Receive: Demaryius Thomas, 7th-round pick (swap)

Broncos Receive: 4th-round pick, 7th-round pick (swap)


Texans Outlook: I absolutely love this trade for the Texans. The Texans were 0-3, and now sit at the top of the AFC South at 5-3 with no other real threats in the division. The Jaguars, Titans, and Colts are all bad teams. Unfortunately for Houston, their WR2 Will Fuller tore his ACL on Thursday night against the Dolphins. The Texans, who were thin at the wide receiver position, went out and got Demaryius Thomas, a guy who’s been a reliable player for years now. As an added bonus, the price for Thomas was cheap, a 4th-round pick and moving down in the 7th-round through a pick swap. Hopkins and Thomas will be a dynamic duo for the rest of the season, and a big threat to defenses. My only knock on this for the Texans is that Golden Tate was probably a better option, but then again, it would have been for a steeper price.

Grade: A-


Broncos Outlook: This is one of those trades that I’m a fan of for both teams. By trading Demaryius Thomas, you give your young wide receivers that you just drafted an opportunity to get more snaps. Courtland Sutton has been great as the third receiver this season, and now he’ll move up on the depth chart. In addition, DaeSean Hamilton will get more of an opportunity to play, as he hasn’t seen much time this season, but has shown potential when on the field. In addition, the Broncos are getting rid of $14 million in salary cap for next season, that they’ll be able to put to good use come free agency. However, if there’s one problem I have with the Broncos here, it’s that they traded away a team leader, something that many other Broncos players seem to be unhappy about.

Grade: B


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