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Golden Tate Traded to the Eagles: Grades and Analysis

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The best wide receiver in trade rumors is now off the board, as the Lions have dealt Golden Tate to the Eagles. Here’s a breakdown on the trade:

Eagles Receive: Golden Tate

Lions Receive: 3rd-round pick

Eagles Outlook: There’s no doubt that the Eagles have been disappointing so far this season, but with a 4-4 record in a terrible division, they’re still front runners in the NFC East. The Eagles offense is only averaging 22.2 points per game this year, which is ranked 21st in the NFL, so what better way to kickstart it than a trade for a top-20 wide receiver in the NFL? Tate has been a model of consistency since 2014 when he joined the Lions, as he’s had 90+ receptions every year from 2014-17. In addition, Tate has been one of the most durable wide receivers in the league, as he hasn’t missed a game since 2012! For team a team like the Eagles in win-now mode, a third-round pick was well worth giving up for Tate.

Grade: A


Lions Outlook: The Lions gave away their best offensive player, so I’m sure Lions fans are disappointed, but were they really going to make the playoffs this year? The answer to that is no. Their division is stacked with three teams a lot better than them, and while they are 3-4, this season means nothing for Detroit. Golden Tate is a free agent at the end of this season, and considering he’s 30 years old, was he really going to want to sit through a few more years of rebuilding? There was no point in risking losing Tate for nothing, and a third-round pick can help them build towards the future. Consider this a solid trade for the Lions.

Grade: B

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