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NBA Trade Grades: Iman Shumpert and Alec Burks Traded in 3-Team Deal

The Kings, Rockets, and Cavaliers completed a 3-team deal on Wednesday.

Full Trade Details

Rockets Receive: Iman Shumpert, Nik Stauskas, Wade Baldwin

Kings Receive: Alec Burks, 2020 Second Round Pick

Cavaliers Receive: Marquese Chriss, Brandon Knight, Rockets 2019 First Round Pick (Lottery Protected)

Rockets Outlook:

The Rockets acquired Iman Shumpert and Nik Stauskas in this deal, two players who will help them out off the bench. They gave up two players who were barely playing for them in Chriss and Knight. Chriss and Knight are pretty irrelevant in this trade for the Rockets. What I don’t understand is giving away a first round pick for Shumpert, Stauskas, and Baldwin. I know it’s going to be a late pick, but still. Those three guys combined aren’t worth a first round selection, and I think the Rockets could have gotten more for that pick.

While I don’t think the Rockets maximized the value of what they gave away here, I still think Iman Shumpert is a nice player to bring off the bench for the Rockets. He’s your typical 3-and-D player, a guy who’s shooting 36.6% from beyond the arc this season. I like the idea of Shumpert on this Rockets team.

Grade: C+

Kings Outlook:

This is a solid trade for the Kings. Iman Shumpert started 40 of his 42 games this season, and now he’s gone. They replaced him with Alec Burks, not as good as a player as Iman Shumpert, but a guy that’s averaged 11.6 PPG in the last 34 games with the Cavaliers, shooting 37.8% from downtown. With the addition of Harrison Barnes in a separate deal, Burks definitely will move to the bench. In addition, the Kings got a second round pick. Alec Burks and a second round pick is a pretty solid return for Iman Shumpert.

Grade: B+

Cavaliers Outlook:

This is pretty simple for me. Anytime you’re turning Alec Burks, Nik Stauskas and Wade Baldwin into a first round pick, it’s a good trade. The Cavaliers did the best in this deal easily.

Grade: A

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