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Analyzed Football Trades: 2019

Trade #46: From Eddie

Eddie Receives: DeAndre Hopkins
Eddie Trades: Chris Carson and Brandin Cooks

Additional Info: Full PPR

Outlook: Brandin Cooks doesn’t look like a starting-caliber WR right now. He can get back to that level, but you can’t trust his production right now, as he’s had single-digit fantasy points each of the last three weeks. Chris Carson has been the opposite. He’s been phenomenal, and has scored double-digit fantasy points each of the last five weeks and is the eighth-ranked fantasy running back.

Anytime you have the opportunity to get a player like DeAndre Hopkins, you have to consider it. He’s a clear fantasy WR1, and a clear top-five fantasy WR. The last two weeks, Hopkins has a combined 20 receptions for 215 yards and a touchdown. He’s starting to heat up after a slow start, and I’d grab him while I could. I like this deal for you.

Eddie’s Team: 60%
The Other Team: 40%

Trade #45: From Chris

Chris Receives: Le’Veon Bell & Chris Godwin
Chris Trades: Nick Chubb & Calvin Ridley

Additional Info: Half PPR, 1 point every 15 rush and rec. yards, 12-Team

Outlook: This trade is pretty simple in my eyes. Nick Chubb is a lot better than Le’Veon Bell right now. However, look at Le’Veon Bell’s upcoming schedule. The Jets play the Dolphins, Giants, Redskins, Raiders, Bengals, and Dolphins in their next six games. In addition, Bell has had conversations with Adam Gase about increasing his workload. I expect Le’Veon Bell to bounce back strong to end the year, and to only be a bit of a drop-off from Nick Chubb.

The difference between Chris Godwin and Calvin Ridley will be much more significant than the gap between Chubb and Bell going forward. Godwin is the third-best fantasy wide receiver right now in terms of total points score, while Calvin Ridley is around 20. Godwin’s proven to be a reliable fantasy WR1, as he has 705 yards and six touchdowns this season. Ridley only has 443 yards and four touchdown, a major drop-off from Godwin. I like this trade for you a lot.

Chris’s Team: 60%
The Other Team: 40%

Trade #44: From Angel

Angel Receives: Tyreek Hill, Chase Edmonds
Angel Trades: Allen Robinson, Carlos Hyde

Additional Info: PPR, 14-Team

Outlook: There’s no doubt that Tyreek Hill is an upgrade from Allen Robinson. Robinson is having a good season, but Hill is the more explosive player, and you have to trust the WR1 in the Chiefs offense over the WR1 in the Bears offense.

In terms of the running backs, Edmonds had five touchdowns in Weeks 5-7. He was putting up David Johnson numbers. Then, he suffered a hamstring injury, that could keep him out for the Cardinals’ next game. However, the Cardinals acquired Kenyan Drake in a trade with the Dolphins Monday morning. That tells me that Johnson could be out a while.

I expect Edmonds and Drake to split carries going forward, which does give Edmonds a lot of value. Carlos Hyde has been getting a ton of carries each week, but the numbers aren’t great. You know what you’re getting from Hyde. He’ll have 70-80 yards, no catches, and maybe a touchdown. I think the upside of Edmonds is way higher than Hyde’s, which makes this trade a home run for you.

Angel’s Team: 75%
The Other Team: 25%

Trade #43: From Alex

Alex Receives: Todd Gurley, Aaron Jones, T.Y Hilton, Davante Adams
Alex Trades: Christian McCaffrey, Courtland Sutton, David Montogomery, Alshon Jeffrey

Additional Info: .5 point PPR

Outlook: Christian McCaffrey is the best player in fantasy football right now, but that doesn’t mean that this is a bad trade. Aaron Jones is a top-five running back himself. In fact, Jones has 11 touchdowns this season compared to McCaffrey’s 10. McCaffrey has the edge on pretty much everything else.

Todd Gurley is definitely better than David Montgomery, but all of a sudden Montgomery showed us something this week after looking droppable. I don’t want to overreact to one game, but getting 27 carries for 135 yards and a touchdown along with four receptions is significant. Montgomery may have some nice value going forward if Matt Nagy continues to utilize him. Overall, I’d say you’re downgrading at running back slightly.

However, wide receiver is where I think you get a big boost. Sutton has been a top-15 receiver in fantasy football this year, and will probably get a slight uptick in targets due to the departure of Emmanuel Sanders. Alshon Jeffrey has been good, but not great, and is probably a flex play at this point.

Back to your side of the trade, I love the idea of buying low on Davante Adams. Adams should be back within the next week or so, and when he does come back, I expect him to be the Davante Adams we expected him to be all year. I also like T.Y Hilton better than Sutton and Jeffery, as Hilton as performed well for the most part when active. He has at least a touchdown in four of the six games he played this year.

Overall, this is a really tough trade. It’s a judgement call for you. I’d probably give you the slight edge because the gap between the wide receivers you’re getting is greater than the gap of the running backs you’re giving away.

Alex’s Team: 51%
The Other Team: 49%

Trade #42: From Brendan

Brendan Receives: Nick Chubb
Brendan Trades: Cooper Kupp, Joe Mixon

Additional Info: 12 teams, standard scoring, other RBs: Mark Ingram, Royce Freeman, Kenyan Drake, Rex Burkhead; other WRs: Davante Adams, Adam Thielen, DK Metcalf, Marquise Brown

Outlook: Joe Mixon isn’t worth a start at this moment. He had a touchdown this past week, but that gave him just his third 10+ point game of the season. In terms of Cooper Kupp, he’s the seventh-ranked standard WR right now. He’s been insane, as he had 220 yards and a touchdown vs. the Bengals.

However, it’s clear that you need a running back. You have very good wide receivers, but terrible running backs for the most part. For that reason, make the trade for Nick Chubb, a guy who’s a clear top-seven fantasy running back.

Brendan’s Team: 55%
The Other Team: 45%

Trade #41: From Wayne

Wayne Receives: Michael Thomas, John Brown, LeSean McCoy
Wayne Trades: Darren Waller, Chris Carson, Sterling Shepard

Additional Info: PPR, 10 teams, non keeper, Graham is my other TE, McCaffrey/Gurley/White are my other RBs, Godwin/Crowder/Chark are my other WRs

Outlook: Note to other people entering trades… I love when people type their rosters into the “Additional Info” part of the form, as it’s a lot easier to analyze trades that way. Based on your roster, you’re essentially replacing Michael Thomas and Jimmy Graham in your starting lineup for Chris Carson and Darren Waller.

Michael Thomas is the best PPR receiver right now as he has 62 receptions for 763 yards and three touchdowns. He’s on pace for approximately 142 receptions and 1,744 yards. Absolutely insane. Chris Carson has been phenomenal and so has Darren Waller. It hurts to replace Waller with Graham, and Graham is a hit-or-miss type guy. However, you can use another receiver, and for a guy like Michael Thomas, you easily give those guys up. He’s that good, make the trade.

Wayne’s Team: 55%
The Other Team: 45%

Trade #40: From Jeremy

Jeremy Receives: DeAndre Hopkins
Jeremy Trades: Chris Godwin

Additional Info: PPR

Outlook: Chris Godwin has 43 receptions for 662 yards and six touchdowns this season. He’s been absolutely insane, and while you’d think he has to slow down a bit (if he didn’t he’d be on a near-record pace), I still think he’s going to finish as a top five WR this season. For whatever reason, Hopkins hasn’t been as good as normal this season as he has 49 receptions for 508 yards and three touchdowns. That may not last, but I’m surely not risking giving up Godwin right now.

Jeremy’s Team: 45%
The Other Team: 55%

Trade #39: From Vincent

Vincent Receives: Josh Jacobs
Vincent Trades: Darren Waller & David Montgomery

Additional Info: .5 PPR, 10 team, have Kittle as TE1 need a solid RB2 to pair with Barkley

Outlook: If you have Kittle as your other tight end, then this is a pretty easy trade to make. Darren Waller is great, but if he’s expendable then you need to grab Jacobs. Montgomery has minimal value these days with Nagy and Bears barely running the ball. This is a phenomenal price for Josh Jacobs.

Vincent’s Team: 75%
The Other Team: 25%

Trade #38: From Danny

Danny Receives: Allen Robinson
Danny Trades: Hunter Henry

Additional Info: PPR, 10 Teams

Outlook: This trade is fully dependent on whether or not your option tight end option is good. Tight end is a shallow and weak position this year. Hunter Henry has been great in the three games he’s played, especially in PPR leagues. He has 18 receptions for 257 yards and two touchdowns in those three games combined.

Allen Robinson is a really solid receiving option, as he has 24 receptions and three touchdowns in his last three games, but wide receiver is a deep position. If you have a solid tight end to replace Henry, then make the deal, but if not, then hold off.

Danny’s Team: 50%
The Other Team: 50%

Trade #37: From Paul

Paul Receives: Leonard Fournette, Sony Michel, Robby Anderson, Tyler Boyd
Paul Trades: Mark Ingram, Tevin Coleman, Michael Gallup, Dede Westbrook

Additional Info: Standard League, 10 Teams, No Bonuses

Outlook: Let’s start with the running backs here. Leonard Fournette is a guy I value slightly more than Mark Ingram. Why? Fournette has had over 20 carries in his last four games. In three of those four games, he’s had over 100 rushing yards. Despite only having one touchdown on the season, he’s proved to be productive. The touchdowns will come. Mark Ingram hasn’t gotten over 20 carries in a single game yet this year, and he’s touchdown dependent. When he doesn’t score, he doesn’t have a good fantasy game. In terms of Michel and Coleman, I’d value Michel a bit higher. They’re both touchdown dependent players, but I trust the Patriots to score more than the 49ers, and therefore trust Michel to score more touchdowns and more fantasy points. You get the better end with both running backs.

In terms of the wide receivers, these are four average guys. I don’t think there’s a major difference between any of them. If there is a difference, it’s not enough to offset the upgrades you’re getting at the running back position. Make the trade.

Paul’s Team: 60%
The Other Team: 40%

Trade #36: From Steven

Steven Receives: Travis Kelce, Mohamed Sanu
Steven Trades: Mike Evans, Matt Breida

Additional Info: .5 PPR, 10-Team

Outlook: Mike Evans is still a WR1 in my eyes despite Chris Godwin’s emergence this year. He’s miles better than Mohamed Sanu, who may see an increase in production now that he’s with New England, but nowhere near what Evans is going to be.

In terms of Travis Kelce, he’s having a down year this season and there’s no doubt about that. That being said, he’s still the #3 TE in PPR leagues, and will probably pick it up towards the end of the season. Matt Breida is no throw in either. He’ll get you 10-15 points per week in PPR leagues. Are you that desperate at tight end that you need to make this deal? Even if you are, trading Mike Evans and Matt Brieda is a ton to give. I’d hold off.

Steven’s Team: 30%
The Other Team: 70%

Trade #35: From Tyler

Tyler Receives: Tyler Lockett and James Conner
Tyler Trades: Chris Carson

Additional Info: .5 PPR, 10-Team

Outlook: I’ll keep this short because I think it’s pretty simple. Chris Carson is better than James Conner, and there’s no doubt about that. However, is he that much better that you can’t afford the downgrade if you’re taking on Tyler Lockett, a solid WR2? Not a chance. Take this deal and run.

Tyler’s Team: 80%
The Other Team: 20%

Trade #34: From B

B Receives: Courtland Sutton and Gerald Everett
B Trades: Austin Hooper

Additional Info: Half-PPR, 10-Teams

Outlook: Tight end is brutal this year and there’s no denying that. Every guy, including Kelce, Kittle, and Ertz, has pretty much been hit or miss every week. Austin Hooper’s been the best and most consistent of them all, as he’s currently the best fantasy tight end. Hooper also has 42 receptions on the season, tied for fourth in the NFL, best among tight ends. That’s perfect for a half-PPR league. Due to positional value, I wouldn’t trade Austin Hooper unless you’re getting a significant haul back. Sutton has been very good this season, as he has 30 receptions for 477 yards and three touchdowns, but wide receiver is a replaceable position. Tight end isn’t. Gerald Everett is nowhere near a reliable replacement for Hooper either. Keep Hooper, and be happy you have a really good tight end because most people don’t.

B’s Team: 35%
The Other Team: 65%

Trade #33: From Drew

Drew Receives: DeAndre Hopkins and Marlon Mack
Drew Trades: Nick Chubb and Will Fuller

Additional Info: Standard Non-PPR. 10 team league. I have Saquon, Chubb, Ekeler for RBs and Cooper, Evans, Fuller, and AJ Green for WRs.

Outlook: I absolutely love Nick Chubb. He’s a top-5 fantasy back, and I have him in both of my leagues. However, you’re getting back two stud players in return. DeAndre Hopkins is DeAndre Hopkins even though he’s not playing like it right now. I have no doubt that he’ll return to top-5 WR form. Marlon Mack is a solid RB2, and would probably be second in the NFL in carries if he didn’t have a BYE week. You know Mack is going to get touches, and that’s very important. It’s also important for you that Saquon Barkley is likely returning this week, so you don’t have to worry about Mack having to carry the load for your running backs. In terms of Will Fuller, he had one great week and that’s about it, so I really don’t value him much at all here.

The way you have to look at this trade is two studs for one. Not having to start Will Fuller every week will be a relief, and I’m confident that DeAndre Hopkins will start getting his share of touchdowns. With the talent you have on your team, I’m confident you have a good shot to win the league. Saquon Barkley is a top-2 running back, and Cooper, Evans, and Hopkins are three WR1s.

Drew’s Team: 55%
The Other Team: 45%

Trade #32: From Herman

Herman Receives: Matt Ryan
Herman Trades:
DeAndre Hopkins

Additional Info: PPR, 12-Teams

Outlook: I’m going to keep this short. Matt Ryan has performed like a top-5 fantasy quarterback this year, and I expect that to continue considering Atlanta is horrible and always throwing the football because they’re losing. However, positional value is important. Wide receivers a lot more valuable than quarterbacks, and don’t get fooled by Hopkins so far this season. He’s one of the best wide receivers in the league. His touchdowns will come, and his fantasy numbers will go up. Don’t make this trade.

Herman’s Team: 5%
The Other Team: 95%

Trade #31: From Adam

Adam Receives: Allen Robinson, Michael Gallup, T.Y Hilton, Aaron Jones
Adam Trades: Joe Mixon, Tyler Boyd, Tyler Lockett, Phillip Dorsett

Additional Info: 12-Team PPR

Outlook: A four-for-four trade… Wow. Let’s break the trade down into parts. We’ll start with the running backs. Aaron Jones is by far better than Joe Mixon. Jones has scored eight touchdowns on the year compared to Mixon’s one. In addition, the Bengals are an absolute disaster, and Mixon isn’t getting the amount of touches we expected coming into the season. He only had 10 touches in last week’s game vs. the Ravens. That’s a big problem.

In terms of the wide receivers, I’d rank the wide receivers as Lockett, Hilton, Robinson, and then Boyd. Lockett, Hilton and Robinson are all extremely close, and then there’s a drop-off to Boyd with A.J Green coming back soon. Due to that, I think you’re upgrading at wide receiver as well. I’d also value Michael Gallup over Phillip Dorsett. To me, this is a no-brainer. Make the trade.

Adam’s Team: 70%
The Other Team: 30%

Trade #30: From Richard

Richard Receives: Julio Jones, Dalvin Cook and Kyler Murray
Richard Trades: Mark Ingram, DeAndre Hopkins and Julian Edelman

Additional Info: 12-Team PPR

Outlook: I’m going to keep this short because I think you’re getting the better end of this trade. If you have a chance to get Dalvin Cook, you do it under most circumstances. He’s a top-five back in all formats this year, and a guy who can really propel your team to the next level. Hopkins is a tad better than Julio, but Julio is still a top-five receiver himself. I know you’re giving away Edelman, as well, but honestly I’m sure you have a wide receiver that can replace Edelman and fill the void there. Ingram and Edelman combined is nowhere near what Dalvin Cook is. Do the deal and don’t look back.

Richard’s Team: 65%
The Other Team: 35%

Trade #29: From Buddy

Buddy Receives: Chris Godwin, Kerryon Johnson and Calvin Ridley
Buddy Trades: Alvin Kamara and D.J Chark

Additional Info: .5 PPR, 12-Team

Outlook: Of the 29 trades I’ve looked at so far, this might be the toughest one. Why? You have guys like Chris Godwin and D.J Chark who are completely outplaying their rank, as they are the #1 and #5 PPR WRs, respectively. Then you have two guys in Kerryon Johnson and Calvin Ridley who are average, but definitely start-able. Then you have Alvin Kamara, a clear RB1. A lot to look through here…

Alvin Kamara needs to be valued as a top-five player in all of fantasy football. Great running backs are hard to come by, and Kamara does it all as he has 342 rushing yards and a touchdown this season to go along with 26 receptions for 241 receiving yards and a touchdown. I always have trouble trading guys like that away. He’s light years better than the running back you’re getting back, Kerryon Johnson. Johnson’s a low-end RB2, high-end RB3 at this point. This is where you start asking yourself, “Who are my other running backs, and how deep am I at that position?” It’s pretty clear you’re losing the running back battle badly.

However, you’re getting back Chris Godwin, who has 33 receptions for 511 yards and six touchdowns this season. Godwin leads the league in receiving touchdowns, and just might be the #1 WR on the Bucs, even ahead of Mike Evans. I fully trust that he is going to keep it up, but how much better is he going to be than D.J Chark for the rest of the season? I would say Godwin is going to be better than Chark, but not by nearly as much as Kamara is going to be better than Kerryon Johnson. Even adding in Calvin Ridley, I don’t think the gap between the wide receivers you’re receiving is enough to make up the gap between running backs you’re giving away. It’s an enticing deal, but hold onto Alvin Kamara.

Buddy’s Team: 48%
The Other Team: 52%

Trade #28: From Joe

Joe Receives: Darren Waller and T.Y Hilton
Nathan Trades: Keenan Allen

Additional Info: .5 PPR, 12-Team

Outlook: The tight end position is absolutely horrific this season. If you’re stuck with a tight end that’s doing absolutely nothing, Waller can be an attractive option, especially in a half-PPR league. Waller already has 37 receptions this season despite not catching a touchdown yet. That ranks fifth in the NFL.

In terms of Keenan Allen and T.Y Hilton, we already know what type of players they are. Keenan’s a clear WR1, and Hilton is probably in that high-WR2 range. Keenan has an edge of Hilton, and there’s no doubt about that. However, if your team is TE-needy, then make the deal. Tight ends are hard to come by these days and Waller seems to be the #1 target on that Raiders offense.

Joe’s Team: 55%
The Other Team: 45%

Trade #27: From Taylor

Taylor Receives: Mark Ingram and Derrick Henry
Taylor Trades: Ezekiel Elliot

Additional Info: PPR

Outlook: Ironically enough, Mark Ingram, Derrick Henry, and Ezekiel Elliot are running backs 9, 10, and 11 right now in PPR leagues. However, we all know Ezekiel Elliot is a high-end RB1, while Ingram and Henry are likely high-end RB2s.

So in my opinion, this trade comes down to you running back depth. If you’re deep at the running back position, then there’s no need to trade Zeke for two high-RB2s. However, if you’re starting Ezekiel Elliot and someone like a Jordan Howard at that second running back spot, then it’s worth it to make the deal to upgrade depth.

I find it so hard to trade an Ezekiel Elliot type player in fantasy football unless you’re getting another high-end RB1 back because consistent running backs are so hard to come by. If you look at Ingram and Henry’s stats, they each had one blow-up week where they went off, which is inflating their rank right now. With Ezekiel Elliot, those amazing weeks will be followed up with solid weeks, whereas with Ingram and Henry, you just don’t know. I’d say hold on to Ezekiel Elliot, unless your second and third running backs are extremely bad.

Taylor’s Team: 47%
The Other Team: 53%

Trade #26: From Nathan

Nathan Receives: Aaron Jones and Julio Jones
Nathan Trades: Leonard Fournette and D.J Chark

Additional Info: .5 PPR, 12-Team

Outlook: It’s unbelievable how much can change in the span of five weeks. Before the season started, this is a deal that I could have never imagined. Now, it’s a realistic deal.

Let’s start by analyzing the running backs in the trade. In my opinion, I’d give these guys very similar value. Leonard Fournette is a guy you can rely on for more touches, as he’s not splitting carries like Aaron Jones is. In addition, Fournette has over 200 more rushing yards than Jones this season after recording over 330 combined within the past two weeks. However, Jones has eight touchdowns this season compared to Fournette’s one. In terms of receiving, Jones has 19 receptions on the year while Fournette has 20. These guys are really pretty even. If I had to choose, I’d probably give the edge to Aaron Jones after the four-touchdown week he just had in Dallas. I think it’s possible that he’ll start getting more carries than he has been because of that performance. Even if he doesn’t, Jones has been scoring more touchdowns, and Fournette has been known to have a bit of an injury history.

The major reason I’d make this trade is because Julio Jones has to be valued much higher than D.J Chark despite having worse numbers so far. I’ll admit, I didn’t think Chark could keep it up, yet here we are. He just put up eight receptions for 164 yards and two touchdowns on Sunday and now has 495 yards and five touchdowns on the season. Julio Jones only had seven catches for 94 yards the last two weeks combined, but let’s not forget how good he was the first three weeks. Now’s the perfect opportunity to grab Julio Jones. That’s why I love it.

Nathan’s Team: 63%
The Other Team: 37%

Trade #25: From Tristian

Tristan Receives: Dalvin Cook
Tristan Trades: Ezekiel Elliot

Additional Info: PPR

Outlook: Tough. Dalvin Cook looks like the better fantasy running back this season, and I definitely value him higher than Ezekiel Elliot in PPR leagues as he catches more passes. It doesn’t look like Cook’s going to slow down any time soon, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he finishes above Zeke in all formats. If you want to have some fun, go for it and make the trade. If you want to take more of a conservative approach, keep the guy you drafted in the first round.

Tristan’s Team: 52%
The Other Team: 48%

Trade #24: From Corey

Corey Receives: Mark Andrews and Desean Jackson
Corey Trades: Damien Williams and Greg Olsen

Additional Info: PPR

Outlook: This is a hard trade to read because I’m unsure whether or not Damien Williams is going to be the go-to KC running back when he comes back this week. I’m guessing he won’t be. In addition, I don’t trust the seemingly re-emergence of Greg Olsen.

In terms of your side of the trade, I do trust Mark Andrews, who’s averaging eight targets per week and has 23 receptions for 266 yards and three touchdowns this season. I believe he’s a major upgrade from Olsen. Desean Jackson is a huge question mark just like Damien Williams is because he really only played one game. However, for the Andrews factor, I’d make the deal.

Corey’s Team: 60%
The Other Team: 40%

Trade #23: From Drew

Drew Receives: George Kittle and Will Dissly
Drew Trades: Derrick Henry, Delanie Walker, Dede Westbrook

Additional Info: PPR, 12-Team

Outlook: Can you start two tight ends in this league? If there’s a FLEX spot where you could, that pretty much changes everything. If you can start both Kittle and Dissly, I love this trade for you. George Kittle has gotten off to a bit of a slow start this year, but he does have 17 receptions on 21 targets through three games. Will Dissly looks like a top-five tight end right now, as he has 23 receptions for 262 yards and four touchdowns through the first five games of the season. He seems to be one of Russell Wilson’s favorite targets right now.

The only player that I’d give any sort of value to that you’re trading away is Derrick Henry. Henry has been an RB1 this season and there’s no doubt about that. Delanie Walker is a hit or miss guy, and I don’t trust him because of that. Dede Westbrook isn’t putting up great numbers this season with the emergence of D.J Chark.

If you can start two tight ends in this league, and have the running back depth to fill in for Henry, why not get two quality starters for the price of one? Assuming you can start both Kittle and Dissly, make the trade.

Drew’s Team: 57%
The Other Team: 43%

Trade #22: From Michael

Michael Receives: Juju Smith-Schuster
Michael Trades: Alshon Jeffery and Chris Thompson

Additional Info: PPR

Outlook: This is a tough deal to analyze because we still aren’t sure how Juju Smith-Schuster will perform the rest of the season without Ben Roethlisberger at QB. However, you also have to keep in mind that Derrius Guice will eventually be back for the Redskins, meaning Chris Thompson may not be able to keep up his 10-points per week type numbers. Alshon Jeffery is an average fantasy WR2 when he plays, but he seems to be always injured. I don’t think that Thompson and Jeffery have much upside going forward. They are what they are. Juju, however, still has a chance to be that WR1 that everyone expected when going into the season. I’d take my chances with Juju here. Make the trade.

Michael’s Team: 55%
The Other Team: 45%

Trade #21: From Adam

Adam Receives: Jaylen Samuels, James Conner, and Tyler Boyd
Adam Trades: Austin Hooper, Chris Carson, and Tyrell Williams

Additional Info: 12-Team PPR

Outlook: I’d value Tyler Boyd and Tyrell Williams around the same in PPR leagues. Yes, Williams has a touchdown every game, but Boyd has caught ten more passes than him. I’d probably value Conner the same as Carson right now as well. Both are players who’s usage has been wishy-washy week to week. To me, this trade comes down to Austin Hooper vs. Jaylen Samuels. Samuels had 23.5 points in PPR leagues this past week, mainly because he had eight receptions in addition to his rushing touchdown. However, he had a combined 5.7 points within the first three weeks. How can I trust him over Austin Hooper, who has 28 catches for over 300 yards and two touchdowns on the season? With Conner healthy in the backfield for Pittsburgh, I can’t. Hooper is the reason I’m giving the side your give away the edge here. Hold on to your guys and don’t do the trade.

Adam’s Team: 45%
The Other Team: 55%

Trade #20: From Steve

Steve Receives: Nick Chubb and T.J Hockenson
Steve Trades: Melvin Gordon and Austin Hooper

Additional Info: Standard, 10 teams

Outlook: I’d give Nick Chubb the slight edge over Melvin Gordon in this case. Why? It’s all about the unknown. I’m sure at this point that Chubb is a reliable RB1. In terms of Melvin Gordon, he should be an RB1, but with Austin Ekeler playing so well, it’s hard to know how much they’ll split carries.

However, I feel as if the difference between Austin Hooper and T.J Hockenson outweighs the difference between Chubb and Gordon. Hooper looks to have finally broken out in this new Atlanta offense. He’s the fourth-ranked fantasy tight end in standard leagues as he has 28 receptions for 308 yards and two touchdowns on the season. Hockenson hasn’t done much since his massive performance Week 1 against Arizona. Considering Arizona allows a ton of points to every tight end, I don’t value that much. Yes he caught a touchdown last week, but that was only one of his five receptions in the last three weeks. Hooper’s a big upgrade over Hockenson, and that’s why I’d say to hold off on this deal.

Steve’s Team: 45%
The Other Team: 55%

Trade #19: From Oscar

Oscar Receives: Cooper Kupp & Tyreek Hill
Oscar Trades: James Conner & Chris Godwin

Additional Info: Standard. Start 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 TW, 1 FLX. My remaining RB’s are Leonard Fournette, Kerryon Johnson, James White, Ito Smith & Chris Thompson.

Outlook: This is a really tough call. James Conner hasn’t lived up to expectations so far as he only has 139 yards and a touchdown rushing through four games. He also has 19 catches for 153 yards and a touchdown, but his rushing stats are very concerning a quarter of the way through the season. Chris Godwin, despite being everyone’s breakout player coming into the season, has somehow still exceeded expectations. He’s third in the league in receiving yards with 386, and he’s caught four touchdowns, which is tied for the league lead.

On the other side of the deal, there’s Cooper Kupp, who’s been on the same level of Chris Godwin with 388 yards and three touchdowns on 32 receptions. I anticipate Tyreek Hill being a fantasy WR1 when he comes back as well. It looks like Hill will be back sooner rather than later as he practiced on Wednesday.

So why is this such a tough call? The reason is because I’m not sold on your running backs. There isn’t much depth at that position for you. You have Fournette and Johnson, but the other three aren’t anything special in a standard league. The question is whether or not it’s worth it to walk on that tightrope in order to get Kupp and Hill, two phenomenal WRs. Since you only need to start two running backs, I think it’s worth it, but it’s close. It’s looking like Conner isn’t getting the workload everyone thought he’d get as he has only 44 carries on the year, so that makes it hard for me to trust him. Since he’s the only player in the trade I really don’t trust, and you’re trading him, I’d do the deal.

Oscar’s Team: 53%
The Other Team: 47%

Trade #18: From Dave

Dave Receives: Marquese Brown and Ronald Jones
Dave Trades: Aaron Jones (or Marlon Mack) and Deebo Samuel

Additional Info: 12-Team PPR. Very thin at receiver. Tyler Boyd, Tyrell Williams, Mecole Hardman, Preston Williams, and Deebo Samuel. RB: Chris Carson, Aaron Jones, Marlon Mack, Nick Chubb and Sony Michel

Outlook: You’re definitely thin at WR and there’s no doubt about that. Marquese Brown would probably be the best WR on your team. In addition, you can afford to give away a running back with the depth you have. However, Aaron Jones or Marlon Mack are players who you can get a lot better than Marquese Brown for. I’d decline this trade, and go try and find a one-for-one deal. One of those backs for a better WR.

Dave’s Team: 35%
The Other Team: 65%

Trade #17: From Nono

Nono Receives: Greg Olsen and Daniel Jones
Nono Trades: Travis Kelce

Additional Info: PPR, 2QB

Outlook: I understand that this is a 2QB league, but you can’t trade the best tight end in the league for a mediocre tight end and decent quarterback. Travis Kelce is legitimately as good as a WR1. That’s way too low of a price for him. The answer is as simple as that to me.

Nono’s Team: 5%
The Other Team: 95%

Trade #16: From Bo

Bo Receives: Alvin Kamara, T.Y Hilton, and Wayne Gallman
Bo Trades: Dalvin Cook, Michael Thomas

Additional Info: Half-PPR, 12 teams. Standard scoring. I have Saquon. My only other back right now is Breida. I have Lockett and Juju (among others) on my team.

Outlook: Despite Dalvin Cook performing slightly better than Alvin Kamara this season, I don’t value him higher. That part of the trade should be considered a wash. So now I’m grading the rest of the trade as if it’s a separate deal. No matter how you slice it, T.Y Hilton is a downgrade from Michael Thomas. Thomas is a PPR monster, as he has a league-leading 34 receptions on the season. However, the downgrade isn’t as much as you may think. Hilton had 20 receptions for 195 yards and four touchdowns in the first three weeks of the season before missing Week 4 due to injury.

In terms of your running back situation, Breida isn’t a legit starting option due to his questionable usage. He splits carries with what seems like 100 other backs. Wayne Gallman looked really good in his first full game filling in for Saquon Barkley, as he had over 100 total yards and two touchdowns. I’d make this trade to avoid starting Matt Breida for what could be at least the next three weeks. However, if it looks like Saquon Barkley may come back sooner (which it may), then I’d probably just wait it out and start Breida.

Bo’s Team: 55% (if Saquon is out 3 more weeks)/ 40% (if Saquon is coming back sooner)
The Other Team: 45% (if Saquon is out 3 more weeks)/ 60% (if Saquon is coming back sooner)

Trade #15: From Aaron

Aaron Receives: Tyreek Hill
Aaron Trades: Aaron Jones and Terry McLaurin

Additional Info: Standard. 10 teams. We start 3 WR/TE, 2 RB’s. I have also have for WR’s Adam Thielen, Tyler Boyd, Mecole Hardman, AJ Green and Nelson Agholor. For RB’s I also have Nick Chubb, Chris Carson, Josh Jacobs, Rashad Penny, and Marlon Mack.

Outlook: I’m not sure what your record is this season, but you have a pretty nice squad. In my opinion, you’ve got to look long term here. You have a ton of depth at running back, so why not trade one of them in order to upgrade at WR (especially when Jones might not even be a top-three running back on your team)? McLaurin has over five receptions and a touchdown in his first three career games, which is extremely impressive. He’s Washington’s best WR, but there’s just no way he keeps up this pace. Trading him now his 100% the right idea, especially to get Tyreek Hill, who is a clear fantasy WR1 when he returns from his injury. You can get away with starting Thielen, Agholor/Hardman/Boyd and a tight end for a few weeks until Hill comes back. Look long-term and make the trade.

Aaron’s Team: 55%
The Other Team: 45%

Trade #14: From Marco

Marco Receives: Larry Fitzgerald and Derrick Henry
Marco Trades: A.J Green and Devonta Freeman

Additional Info: Half-Point PPR, 10-Teams

Outlook: This trade is pretty clear-cut to me. Larry Fitzgerald needs to be treated as a legitimate starting WR with Kyler Murray at QB. He has 23 receptions and two touchdowns through the first two weeks. Fitzgerald has also been targeted an average of nine times per game. All these years later, he’s still producing and still the Cardinals WR1. Derrick Henry is finally having the season that everyone’s been waiting for the past couple of years, as he has over 300 rushing yards and four total touchdowns thus far. Henry doesn’t catch a lot of passes, but his rushing stats have more than made up for it. He’s a top-10 running back in all formats.

These are two really solid pieces you’re getting for two players that I value extremely low. In terms of A.J Green, who knows when he’s coming back. When he does come back, who knows how he’ll produce. The Bengals are a disaster. I also don’t like Devonta Freeman, who has only eclipsed 30 rushing yards in one of four games this year. Yes, he has 17 receptions this season, but that doesn’t outweigh the fact that he still hasn’t scored, and has struggled rushing.

There’s no reason not to do this deal. I love your side of it.

Marco’s Team: 80%
The Other Team: 20%

Trade #13: From Dave

Dave Receives: Mecole Hardman
Dave Trades: John Brown

Additional Info: PPR

Outlook: Here’s how to look at this trade. If you need immediate help, then do the trade. Mecole Hardman only has six receptions on the season, but two of those have gone for long touchdowns. For the next few weeks while Tyreek Hill is out, he’ll see a lot snaps, which means one of those big plays is always possible. Once Hill comes back, he’ll lose a ton of value. If you’re planning on building long-term, then keep Brown. Brown has 18 receptions on the season, which is extremely valuable in a PPR league. Additionally, Brown is the WR1 in Buffalo, and seems to be a favorite of Josh Allen’s, so I expect him to continue to thrive. Usually, you should be looking to build towards the long-term which is why I lean John Brown here.

Dave’s Team: 45%
The Other Team: 55%

Trade #12: From Vincent

Vincent Receives: Ezekiel Elliot
Vincent Trades: Mike Evans, George Kittle, David Montgomery

Additional Info: .5 PPR, 10 Teams. Have Barkley, who is out 6-8 weeks

Outlook: There’s no doubt that the Saquon Barkley injury is a brutal blow to fantasy owners. However, don’t overreact by trading away three good pieces just to replace him. Ezekiel Elliot is a top-five running back in fantasy football, and there’s no denying that. However, you can’t trade a top-12 WR, a top-3 tight end and a rookie running back who may have upside (if Nagy starts giving him more carries) all for Zeke. I’m not going to go much into numbers here, I think this trade would be a bit of an overreaction. Hit the waiver wire, or make a more minor trade to fill the void for Saquon.

Vincent’s Team: 30%
The Other Team: 70%

Trade #11: From Jack

Jack Receives: Josh Jacobs
Jack Trades: Aaron Jones

Additional Info: PPR/8 Team

Outlook: See trade #10. It’s the same trade. The only difference is full PPR compared to half, so I’d value Jones a little more than Jacobs here than I would in trade #10.

Jack’s Team: 43%
The Other Team: 57%

Trade #10: From Kyle

Kyle Receives: Josh Jacobs
Kyle Trades: Aaron Jones

Additional Info: 1/2 PPR, 12 Teams, 1 QB

Outlook: If you look at Josh Jacobs’ and Aaron Jones’ stats, they’re almost identical. The main difference is that Jacobs started strong, and has tailed off, whereas Jones started weak and has come on. Right now, I’d give Jones the edge over Jacobs, in PPR leagues especially. Despite splitting carries with Jamal Williams, Jones is a more explosive player than Jacobs. Jones also has six receptions on the season compared to Jacobs’ one. We’ve also seen Jones perform at a pretty high level for an extended period of time now (since the end of the 2018 season), so I feel I can trust him over Jacobs. I’d hold onto Jones right now.

Kyle’s Team: 45%
The Other Team: 55%

Trade #9: From Stephan

Stephan Receives: Dalvin Cook and Stefon Diggs
Stephan Trades: Davante Adams and Josh Jacobs

Additional Info: Full-point PPR

Outlook: Dalvin Cook should be one of the top-three most coveted players in all of fantasy football right now. He’s scored the most points out of any running back this season in PPR leagues with 78.4. The volume is there as well as he’s getting 20-25 touches per game. As long as he can stay healthy, he’s going to be a top-three player in all of fantasy football this year. I would give a ton to get him right now.

Davante Adams and Josh Jacobs isn’t that steep of a price to get Dalvin Cook. Adams is off to a slow start this season. He has 198 yards, which is okay, but he hasn’t scored a touchdown yet. Additionally, he only has 15 receptions. That being said, I still fully believe he’ll end the season as a WR1 in fantasy football. However, I still value Cook a lot higher than Adams. In terms of Josh Jacobs, he’s really a huge question mark. He scored two touchdowns on 23 carries the first week of the season in a Raiders win, but has yet to score since then. Furthermore, he only has 22 carries throughout the last two weeks combined, likely because the Raiders were down big in both games. If Oakland is going to continue to lose games, his value may end up plummeting from what people thought it was Week 1. I don’t have an issue trading him at all right now.

I probably would trade Adams and Jacobs for Cook without adding anyone else. I haven’t even mentioned the other piece you are receiving, Stefon Diggs. Diggs is WR72 in PPR leagues right now, but just like Adams, that’s not going to hold. Diggs will be just fine.

Overall, you win this trade by a pretty decent amount. I cannot believe Cook is being offered to you.

Stephan’s Team: 65%
The Other Team: 35%

Trade #8: From Andrew

Andrew Receives: Le’Veon Bell, Austin Ekeler
Andrew Trades: Odell Beckham Jr., Amari Cooper, and Nelson Agholor

Additional Info: PPR. I have deep roster of good receivers to replace them and my best RB is Kerryon Johnson.

Outlook: See trade #6. I would have done trade #6 if I were you. In this case, I think the deal only got better for you. If you are very weak at running back, you’re getting two top-10 guys right now. I discussed Bell in trade #6. He’s going to get 25 touches per game and the fact that this is a PPR league only benefits you. Add in Ekeler, the #1 running back in PPR fantasy football right now, another lethal pass-catching running back (12 receptions on the season) and you’re set at running back. I wouldn’t worry about Melvin Gordon coming back until you get to that point. Bell and Ekeler will carry your team for a while.

In terms of giving up Amari Cooper, I’ve never been a huge Cooper fan. He’s had a solid first two weeks of the season, but I don’t think he’ll end the season any higher than a WR2 in fantasy football. In your case as well, if you have a lot of good receivers to replace Beckham Jr. and Cooper, there isn’t much to worry about.

This trade is only an improvement from trade #6. I’m all in.

Andrew’s Team: 65%
The Other Team: 35%

Trade #7: From Dave

Dave Receives: Mike Evans, Austin Hooper
Dave Trades: Mark Andrews, Deebo Samuel

Additional Info: 12- Team PPR. Very thin at WR. T. Boyd, T. Williams, M. Hardman, D. Samuel, A.J. Brown. V. Davis backup TE.

Outlook: See trade #5. I value Deebo Samuel higher than I do A.J Brown, but I don’t think he makes enough of a difference for you to not make the trade.

Dave’s Team: 55%
The Other Team: 45%

Trade #6: From Andrew

Andrew Receives: Le’Veon Bell
Andrew Trades: Odell Beckham Jr. and Nelson Agholor

Additional Info: Agholor is coming off the bench.

Outlook: I always value running backs higher than I do wide receivers. Regardless of whether or not you’re weak at running back or not, I’d make the deal. Bell is going to continue to get 25 touches a game as he’s the focal point of that offense. I fully anticipate him being a top-7 running back by season’s end. In my opinion, that’s more valuable that a top-7 wide receiver in Odell Beckham Jr. If Agholor is coming off the bench for you, I don’t factor him in much, if at all, in this deal.

Andrew’s Team: 55%
The Other Team: 45%

Trade #5: From Dave

Dave Receives: Mike Evans, Austin Hooper
Dave Trades: Mark Andrews, A.J Brown

Additional Info: 12-Team PPR. Very thin at WR. T. Boyd, T. Williams, M. Hardman, M. Gallup, D. Samuel

Outlook: If you’re this weak at receiver, this is a trade you need to make. Yes, Mark Andrews has been the best tight end in fantasy football thus far, as he’s gone for eight receptions, over 100 yards and a touchdown in both games so far this season. I’m all in on Andrews, and I think he’s this year’s breakout tight end. However, you’re getting Mike Evans at an incredibly low price. Yes, Evans has had a slow start to the season, and has been outplayed by his teammate Chris Godwin, but you have to take two weeks with a grain of salt. Evans has been a WR1 in fantasy football for quite some time now, and even if his production continues to be a little down this season, he can still be a WR2. Most importantly, Evans would easily be the best wide receiver on your roster.

In terms of Austin Hooper, who you’re also receiving, he’s a very formidable option in PPR leagues. He doesn’t score a lot, but he’ll catch a decent amount of passes (13 on the season thus far). A.J Brown is someone I don’t even factor in when evaluating the trade, as he’ll probably never see your lineup, or the lineup of the guy you’re trading with.

Do the trade. Get Mike Evans. Don’t look back.

Dave’s Team: 60%
The Other Team: 40%

Trade #4: From Dave

Dave Receives: John Brown, Austin Hooper
Dave Trades: Mark Andrews

Additional Info: 12-Team PPR. Very thin at receiver: Tyler Boyd, Tyrell Williams, Mecole Hardman

Outlook: There’s no doubt that the WR position looks bleak for you. However, I don’t think you can trade Mark Andrews for two guys that are a huge question mark. Andrews was a sleeper of mine coming into this season, and so far he’s obviously lived up to the hype as he’s the #1 fantasy tight end. Yes, I understand it’s only been two weeks, but eight receptions, 100+ yards and a touchdown in both weeks is pretty impressive. There’s a very very good chance that with the way Lamar Jackson is playing, Andrews could be the breakout tight end of this year.

John Brown has started off the season with seven receptions in both games, but he was arguably playing against two of the five weakest secondaries in the NFL in the Jets and the Giants. You can make that argument about Andrews playing against Miami and Arizona, but considering he’s only a second year player, I like his upside a lot more than I do a player like Brown. In my opinion, John Brown’s chances of keeping this up are far worse than Andrews’. You would also be getting Austin Hooper back to fill Andrews’ spot at tight end, but I’m definitely not sold on him. I never have been sold on Hooper, and with the way Atlanta’s offense looks the first two weeks, I’m staying away from almost all Falcons. Yes, Hooper’s targets and receptions have steadily increased in each year of his career, but again, I’m staying away from that Falcons offense.

This could be a huge gamble, but I’d bet on Mark Andrews to continue to produce at a high level. He’s the breakout guy this year. Don’t trade him. However, feel free to send over other possible trades where you get a wide receiver because you can obviously use one.

Dave’s Team: 40%
The Other Team: 60%

Trade #3: From Nick

Nick Receives: Derrick Henry and Brandin Cooks
Nick Trades: Saquon Barkley

Additional Info: 10-Team PPR League

Outlook: This is an extremely tough trade to analyze. In my opinion, Saquon Barkley is the best, most valuable player in all of fantasy football. In PPR leagues, Barkley has 40.4 points combined through the first two weeks. I truly think that he’s only scratching the surface of what he can be this season. He has 227 rushing yards on only 29 carries. Thats 7.8 yards per carry! Add in Daniel Jones at quarterback and I think it’s going to open up the entire offense for Barkley. Eli Manning was absolutely no threat to throw downfield at this stage in career, and I think it limited Barkley’s production. In addition, although Barkley only has seven receptions through two weeks, I think he’ll end the season between 80-90, obviously great for PPR leagues. It’s not easy to trade someone like this.

Moving to the other end of the trade, Derrick Henry’s been the fourth-ranked running back in PPR leagues through two weeks (Saquon Barkley is six). He’s rushed for 165 yards and two touchdowns on 34 carries. Henry also has one receiving touchdown on his three catches. The Tennessee offense is looking like it’s going to run through Derrick Henry this season. I wasn’t high on Henry going into this season, but it’s starting to look like this could be the year he breaks out. However, he’s still going to end the year far worse than Saquon Barkley, especially in PPR leagues. That being said, you still are getting Brandin Cooks in addition to this. Cooks will likely be a WR2 this season. You know what you’re getting from him, but is there potential for him to be better than a WR2? Probably not with that crowded offense in L.A.

There’s a lot to think about here when considering this trade. How weak are your wide receivers? Are you that needy at that position? If not, I really don’t think it’s worth giving up Saquon Barkley. I think he’s as untouchable as you can get, especially because the best has yet to come for him.

Nick’s Team: 45%
The Other Team: 55%

Trade #2: From Dave

Dave Receives: Josh Allen and Darren Waller
Dave Trades: James Conner

Additional Info: 12-Team Standard League

Outlook: James Conner was a top-16 pick in all formats going into this season. So what’s going on right now? He only has 56 yards and a touchdown on 21 carries combined through two games thus far. In addition, Ben Roethlisberger is out for the season. There’s no doubt that Conner’s value has plummeted through two weeks. However, trading him for something way below his value is something I wouldn’t consider at this time. It’s still early, and I do think he’ll end up being a RB2 at the end of the season.

While I like Darren Waller and his 13 receptions on 15 targets through the first two weeks, his value as a fantasy player isn’t anything near what Conner’s is, even if you’re weak at tight end. In terms of Josh Allen, I don’t think he’s a good enough fantasy quarterback to have any kind of trade value. The QB on your roster is probably just as good, if not better than Allen. In addition, if you need a quarterback, you can probably add someone off waivers without having to give up an RB2.

Overall, have patience with Conner, and stay put here.

Dave’s Team: 20%
The Other Team: 80%

Trade #1: From Vincent

Vincent Receives: Tyler Lockett and Derrick Henry
Vincent Trades: George Kittle

Additional Info: .5 PPR, 10 Teams, Has Darren Waller on bench

Outlook: In my opinion, this is a no brainer. Yes, I’m a huge George Kittle fan and own him in one of my leagues, but this is a deal you need to do. You’re getting two starting players in Tyler Lockett and Derrick Henry, and I’d have no issue plugging in Darren Waller at tight end every single week. Waller currently ranks as the eighth best tight end in half-PPR leagues through two weeks, while Kittle ranks 13th. I fully expect Kittle to finish the season ahead of Waller, but Waller’s catch and target numbers are quite telling. Through the first two games of the season, Waller has 13 receptions on 15 targets. The tight end is a focal point of Jon Gruden’s offense, so I fully expect Waller’s targets to remain high. If you were wondering, Kittle has 11 receptions on 13 targets through the first two games.

In terms of the players you’re getting in return, Lockett ranks as the 26th wide receiver and Henry ranks as the fourth best running back in half-PPR formats. Several fantasy owners were skeptical about Lockett in PPR leagues coming into the season as he only caught 57 passes in 2018. However, after catching one pass in week one, Lockett caught 10 balls in week two. I know that’s only one game of high volume for Lockett, but this game could be a sign of things to come for him. Maybe Pete Carroll is trying to up Lockett’s usage in the Seattle offense. Lockett’s undoubtedly a solid WR2 in 10-man leagues going forward. I’m a huge fan. I wasn’t a fan of Henry going into this season, but he’s getting almost all the carries, and getting all the rushing touchdowns. He’s another guaranteed starter for your fantasy team as he’s already scored three touchdowns on the season to go along with his 252 total yards.

Overall, this is highway robbery for you. Mash the accept button as fast as you can!

Vincent’s Team: 90%
The Other Team: 10%

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