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I’m Declaring the Toronto Raptors Extinct

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The Toronto Raptors are officially one of the most frustrating franchises in sports. Call them the Washington Capitals of the NBA, call them choke artists, call them what you want. They are truly a disgrace to the NBA, and sports as a whole.

I just watched one of the most frustrating performances from any team I’ve ever seen. The Raptors lost again at home to the Cavaliers 128-110 to go down in the series 0-2. Being that the series is going back to Cleveland, it’s looking like this could turn out to be a sweep.

I don’t want to hear any excuses about the Raptors. I don’t want to hear about LeBron (as great as he is). This is completely unacceptable from Toronto. Here are the Raptors playoffs results since 2014:

  • 2017: Lost Conference Semi Finals to Cavaliers in 6
  • 2016: Lost Conference Finals to Cavaliers in 6
  • 2015: Lost First Round to Wizards in 4
  • 2014: Lost First Round to Nets in 7

It’s time to switch things up in the north. Dwayne Casey needs to be fired as head coach. Casey was a well-respected coach for years, but it is clear that he is just not that good. Game 2 was probably the worst coached NBA game I’ve seen all year. LeBron James was clearly hot, as he scored 43 points tonight. However, I saw LeBron being defended by one man the entire game until there was five minutes left. I mean come on Dwayne… What in the world are you doing?! I would take LeBron James 11-0 against almost anyone in the league one on one, but sure let’s not double team him until the game is already over! It was an extremely bad display of coaching from Dwayne Casey tonight, and it’s clear there needs to be a change.

If there is no coaching change, then this team is just going to lose in the first or second round for the next three or four years. If the Raptors decide not to fire Casey, then there better be personnel changes. You saw what the Clippers did after finally realizing they couldn’t get past the second round for so many years. Now they have several young pieces and could get the rebuild started quick. If I’m Toronto, I’m doing the same thing and trading Kyle Lowry or DeMar Derozan.

I just wanted to end this by congratulating the Cleveland Cavaliers for advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals. I’m hereby declaring the Raptors extinct.

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