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MLB Power Rankings Through The First Quarter of The Season

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1) New York Yankees (28-12)

The Yankees have won 7 straight series and have 4 players with at least 10 home runs thus far.

2) Boston Red Sox (28-12)

Mookie Betts has a serious case to be named the best player in baseball.

3) Houston Astros (26-16)

They’ve been beating up on the Rangers and A’s this year. Will win the A.L West again this year, even though the Angels and Mariners will be pesky.

4) Los Angeles Angels (24-16)

The Angels split a 4 game set against the Twins this past weekend, and have a divisional showdown against Houston starting tonight.

5) Arizona Diamondbacks (24-16)

D-Backs are currently on a L5 but fans shouldn’t panic that much as all the games were close. They get the Brewers for 6 games out of their next 9.

6) Washington Nationals (24-18)

The Nationals are grooving right now. They have won 13 of 15 games, and they get the Yankees at home for a 2 game inter-league set starting Tuesday.

7) Atlanta Braves (25-15)

The Braves have such a bright future. They played at Wrigley for a rescheduled game today, and then the Cubs travel to SunTrust tomorrow for a 3 game set. This should be an exciting series.

8) Chicago Cubs (21-17)

The N.L Central is a mosh pit right now. I still trust the Cubs to come out as division champs.

9) Philadelphia Phillies (23-16)

The Phillies are an interesting team to compete in the N.L East. It helps when you have an ace in Aaron Nola.

10) Milwaukee Brewers (24-17)

Josh Hader is one of the best relievers in baseball. Everyone needs to see him pitch.

11) St. Louis Cardinals (22-16)

The Cardinals have been the definition of inconsistent this year, but they will always be a fixture for the divisional title.

12) Colorado Rockies (22-19)

The Rox are struggling a bit of late, and have a long road trip upcoming. We’ll see if this team can compete.

13) Pittsburgh Pirates (23-17)

Notice how the Brewers, Cards, and Pirates are within 3 spots of each other? Yeah, welcome to the N.L Central.

14) Seattle Mariners (22-17)

Seattle’s last 12 games : W, L, W, L, W, L, W, L, W, L, W, L.

15) Cleveland Indians (20-19)

Honestly, 83-87 wins may win the A.L. Central

16) Toronto Blue Jays (21-20)

The Jays will be competing for a WC spot this year as the division is a dream.

17) San Francisco Giants (20-21)

The Cueto injury is not good news for the Giants. They seem to be an 81 win club.

18) Oakland Athletics (19-21)

The A’s will be competing for the WC also. It seems like they always have unexpected pop in their lineup.

19) New York Mets (19-18)

12-2 to 19-18. The New York Mets.

20) Minnesota Twins (17-19)

Two games under .500 and 1.5 GB of first place. What’s better than that?

21) Detroit Tigers (17-22)

Five games under .500 and 3 GB of first place. Welcome to the A.L. Central.

22) Los Angeles Dodgers (16-24)

I wish I can drop the Dodgers to the late 20’s. I mean, they deserve that after getting swept at home to the lowly Reds. Oh, and it was also a 4 game series.

23) Texas Rangers (16-26)

The summer months are going to be long in Arlington.

24) San Diego Padres (16-26)

The Padres should be excited for their future as they have a very deep farm system. Brighter times are on the way, Pads fans.

25) Baltimore Orioles (13-28)

The Orioles have won 5 of 6, even though it was against the Royals and Rays.

26) Tampa Bay Rays (16-22)

The Rays got to 1 game under last week, just to fall back to 6 under.

27) Cincinnati Reds (14-27)

Sweeping the Dodgers in LA is something to be proud of. Matt Harvey pitching well is even more something to be excited about.

28) Miami Marlins (14-26)

The Marlins are the Marlins. Also a cool nugget: Jose Urena is on pace to go 0-24.

29) Kansas City Royals (13-27)

The Royals run at competing in the A.L. seems to be all but over. Time for another rebuild.

30 Chicago White Sox (10-27)

I mean, they are only 9 out of first place. Haha, the A.L. Central.

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