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Yankees Q&A with Former Barstool Sports Writer JJ

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The Yankees are one of the best teams in baseball right now with a 28-12 record. We asked some Yankees questions to someone who knows the Yankees as well as anyone else, former Barstool Sports Writer JJ. You can follow him on Twitter @BarstoolJJ.

Here the Q&A:

Dylan Burd: Do you think that Brandon Drury and Clint Frazier are eventually going to have a spot on this team? If so, where?

JJ: The team would like Drury to pan out. They view him as another Didi and him panning out had the potential to save them a ton on Machado. With his migraines still being a possible issue it may give them another 25 days to see where Andujar is. I dont know that Drury ends up being the preference ever again, but the depth helps because injuries happen. For Clint it’s tough because he is a friend. He is a hamstring/quad away from being called up and I think he can be an impact player for the Yankees. However, if that injury doesnt happen he’s a big trade chip heading into the summer. For some reason, he has a target on his back with the media and a trade may be best for him.

Dylan Burd: Are you worried about the starting rotation with Sony Gray not pitching well and Domingo German a question mark?

JJ: Gray needs to be better and can be. I believe that there is something wrong with him the way there was with Verlander last year, but someone on the staff needs to figure out what’s wrong by watching video. We do need to trade for a pitcher because I don’t believe any of our AAA guys are going to come up and make the impact a vet can.

Dylan Burd: What’s your overall opinion on the managing of Aaron Boone through the first quarter of the season?

JJ: For a first year manager he is doing a good job. We’re in first place and he isn’t making the frustrating moves that Girardi made over the years. He does things like leave Betances in for 2 innings, but it’s early in the year and you need to experiment with those things.

Dylan Burd: Any potential Yankees trades you see happening before the trade deadline? If so, for who?

JJ: I see them making a run at a pitcher. I would love a big name like Bumgarner and would be willing to give up a lot for him. I could see Fulmer being more realistic.

Dylan Burd: When the MLB season is over, will the Yankees be World Series Champs?

JJ: Long answer: I would like them to be the champs and think they have the tools to do it between the current roster and what is available via trades. I would like it this year because if it doesn’t happen, we’re buying one the next year and I would prefer it through the trades and player development.

Short Answer: I’ll see you at the parade

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