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If the Celtics Don’t Win Game 4, They’re in Major Trouble

I originally predicted the Cavaliers to win this series in six games. With the series score being 2-1 Boston, the minimum the Cavs could win it in is six. However, if the Boston Celtics drop tonight’s game, a Cavaliers series win in six could very well happen. In fact, if the Celtics lose tonight, I think they’re going to lose the series.

This is all so frustrating to me because I don’t think the Cavaliers are a good team at all. They literally have LeBron James, and that’s it. No one else has even impressed me… even a little bit. But when you have the greatest player ever to step on a basketball court, it’s sometimes enough, especially if you’re playing against an inexperienced team like the Boston Celtics.

No, I’m not trashing the Celtics. I think they’re a great young team, and very well coached. They are certainly inexperienced though, and a big moment like this could get the best of them.

Let’s say that the Cavaliers win Game 4. This would mean that it then becomes a best of three series, with two games in Boston, and one game in Cleveland. The Celtics have proved to us that they cannot win on the road, as they have only one road win in the playoffs thus far. They have also proved to us that they dominate at home.

But let’s say that the Celtics lose away at Cleveland tonight and in Game 6, but win Game 5 at home. Then you have Game 7 in Boston. If there’s a Game 7, are you really going to pick the Celtics to win over LeBron James? At that point, I feel like all home-court advantages go away. LeBron James doesn’t care how hostile the environment is. If its Game 7, LeBron James will put up 45-10-10 and beat you. It doesn’t matter where the game is. We saw what he did to the 73-9 Golden State Warriors in Game 7 at Oracle Arena in 2016.

Let this article serve as a message to the Boston Celtics. Whether it is in Game 4, or Game 6 (if there is a Game 6), the Boston Celtics better win a game on the road. IT IS A NECESSITY. If they don’t win a game on the road, I don’t think they will win the series. It should be a fun game tonight… 8:30 p.m on ESPN.

Side note: I think we will finally have our first close conference finals game tonight……..

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