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NBA Finals Game 2 Q&A With Greg Swartz of Bleacher Report

Game 2 of the NBA Finals is tonight at 8 p.m on ABC! Game 1 was absolutely wild, and I expect a great Game 2 as well. In preparation for Game 2, we did a Q&A with Greg Swartz, Cavaliers Lead Writer for Bleacher Report. You can follow Greg on Twitter @CavsGregBR. Here’s the Q&A:

Dylan Burd: After a disappointing finish to Game 1 for the Cavs, how do you expect that to affect the Cavs in Game 2?

Greg Swartz: I think this team has enough veterans that it shouldn’t effect them too much. They lost a tough Game 1 in OT in 2015, Kyrie got hurt, and they still rallied and won Game 2 at Oracle.

Dylan Burd: Any rotational changes you see coming in Game 2? Rodney Hood to get some minutes?

Greg Swartz: I’d like to see a little Rodney Hood, especially if he’s taking Jordan Clarkson’s minutes. I want to see more Larry Nance. LeBron, Love, Hill, JR, TT and Jeff Green will all play big roles.

Dylan Burd: What are the keys to making sure the Cavs don’t drop Game 2? If you’re Ty Lue, what are you doing in this game?

Greg Swartz: I think you have to avoid the big, momentum-shifting runs. Use timeouts if necessary. The Warriors can go on a 10-0 run in a blink. Cavs have to keep it at single digits the entire game.

Dylan Burd: At this moment, what do you think LeBron will do in free agency? I ask this question to all the Cavs people I talk to.

Greg Swartz: I honestly don’t think he even knows yet. It’s going to depend on how this series ends up and what they do with the No. 8 overall pick in the draft. If his teammates can make this a competitive series (6 games or more) and they swap that pick for a star (Kemba Walker), I think he’d like to stay.

Dylan Burd:  Predictions for Game 2? Who will win, and which players will have the biggest impact?

Greg Swartz: I think Warriors win a close one. LeBron will have another 40+ point game. JR’s the wild card here, if he can shake off Game 1 and go for 15-20 points Cleveland can steal it.

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