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World Cup Preview & Predictions: Group G

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FIFA Ranking: 3

Player to watch: Kevin de Bruyne

Tournament Preview: The Belgium team top to bottom is star-studded. The only thing that could stop this team from a deep run in the tournament would be chemistry issues; however, this Belgian side has a history of performing well together. Look for the Red Devils to make a real push for their first World Cup title.

Score Predictions: 5 – 1 Win vs Panama / 3 – 0 Win vs Tunisia / 4 – 0 Win vs England

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FIFA Ranking: 55

Player to watch: Roman Torres

Tournament Preview: Panama is one of two teams along with Iceland making their World Cup debut. Expect this team to struggle against the talent found in this group, but also don’t forget what Iceland was able to do in Euro 2016.

Score Predictions: 1 – 5 Loss vs Belgium / 0 – 2 Loss vs Tunisia / 0 – 4 Loss vs England

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FIFA Ranking: 14

Player to watch: Wahbi Khazri

Tournament Preview: Tunisia is a very interesting team. They have qualified for their first World Cup since 2006 and had a strong qualifying campaign that brought them all the way up to 14th in the FIFA rankings. It will be interesting to see if they can keep the momentum.

Score Predictions: 0 – 3 Loss vs Belgium / 2 – 0 Win vs Panama / 1 – 3 Loss vs England

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FIFA Ranking: 13

Player to watch: Harry Kane

Tournament Preview: The English fell embarrassingly out of the World Cup in 2014. With a much younger and rejuvenated squad headed to Russia, England will try to overcome a couple of disappointing tournament performances in the past.

Score Predictions: 0 – 4 Loss vs Belgium / 4 – 0 Win vs Panama / 3 – 1 Win vs Tunisia


Final Standing Prediction

Belgium (9 pts)

England (6 pts)

Tunisia (3 pts)

Panama (0 pts)

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