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2018 Fantasy Football Busts

The worst part of fantasy football are the busts that come with it. There’s nothing more frustrating than when a guy you draft doesn’t play well the entire season. Unfortunately, it’s part of the game. Here are my busts for the 2018 fantasy football season:

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Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers – Cam Newton is a guy who I’ve seen ranked as high as #3 at the quarterback position, which I think is crazy. I wouldn’t draft Cam Newton. He’s one of those quarterbacks who has spurts of greatness, but is way too inconsistent. Newton had 3 games where he scored over 30 fantasy points in standard leagues in 2017, but also had 9 games where he scored under 20 points. This inconsistency is something you can’t risk in fantasy football. In addition, I don’t love the weapons he has around him.

Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck first threw a football for the first time in over a year just a few weeks ago. I don’t think his shoulder will ever be the same. It’s disappointing, but it’s just something that we have to realize. There’s no point in taking this risk in you fantasy draft, especially with all the other great QBs out there. I’ve seen Luck ranked in the top-10 of quarterbacks in several different places, which is honestly a joke.

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys – Dak Prescott is one of those players who will always be a good actual quarterback, but not a great fantasy quarterback. Dak is a winner, but he’s not a guy who will necessarily come away with great stats in the end. Most importantly, Dak lost Jason Witten to retirement and has 0 reliable targets at wide receiver at the moment. It could be a tough year for Dak Prescott and the Cowboys.

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Running Backs:

LeSean McCoy*, Buffalo Bills – I put an asterisk next to McCoy’s name because we don’t know if he’ll ever play in the NFL again. However, even if he does, I’m not high on him at all. Teams that play the Bills are just going to stack the box if McCoy is there because they have no passing game whatsoever. Even if McCoy is found to be completely innocent, he’s not a top-10 back.

Christian McCaffrey, Carolina Panthers – Christian McCaffrey is ranked extremely high to start this season. However, I have many concerns about him coming into this season.  McCaffrey only carried the ball 117 times last season, although he did catch 80 passes. With C.J Anderson signing in Carolina, I’m not sure McCaffrey will get more carries than last year. The thought of his rushing production not increasing makes me nervous. I wouldn’t touch McCaffrey.

Joe Mixon, Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Mixon was simply not good last year, as he only averaged 3.5 yards per carry on 178 attempts in 2017. He was also outscored by his teammate Gio Bernard (only by .4, but still). How can I trust him this season if he just didn’t produce last year? I can’t. Joe Mixon shouldn’t be in the top-20 for running backs as far as I’m concerned.

Marshawn Lynch, Oakland Raiders – Beast mode is one of my favorite running backs of all-time. The guy’s a legend, but his best days are way behind him. Marshawn Lynch had 891 yards last season, and I expect that production to drop off after the Raiders signed Doug Martin in the offseason. Why draft Marshawn Lynch when you can draft one of the rookie running backs with a lot more upside?

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Wide Receivers:

T.Y Hilton, Indianapolis Colts – T.Y Hilton struggled in 2017 without Andrew Luck. He only had more than 10 fantasy points in five games out of 16 games played. The inconsistency of Hilton has always been a huge red flag for me throughout his career, and I don’t expect that to change this year, especially because I don’t think Andrew Luck will be 100%.

Amari Cooper, Oakland Raiders – Amari Cooper had only 680 yards in 14 games in 2017, and never seemed to reach the potential he was supposed to reach. Derek Carr was horrendous last season, and I’m extremely low on the Raiders this year. The additions of Jordy Nelson and Martavis Bryant shouldn’t help Cooper’s production either. We’ll see if Jon Gruden can change things in Oakland, but as of now, I’m not touching Amari Cooper.

Pierre Garcon, San Francisco 49ers – Pierre Garcon was injured last year and only played 8 games (0 with Jimmy Garoppolo). While he was out, Garcon seemed to fall in love with Marquise Goodwin. I expect Goodwin to remain the #1 target in San Fran, as he is only 27 years old compared to Garcon who is 32. Garcon may be a decent #2 WR, but won’t live up to that #1 wide receiver hype that everyone is talking about.

Randall Cobb, Green Bay Packers – Randall Cobb had one hell of a career, but it’s time to stop talking about him as a serious fantasy option. In terms of fantasy points for wide receivers, Cobb ranked in the low 40s in standard leagues in 2017. I expect Geronimo Allison to take over as the #2 wide receiver in Green Bay, and Cobb to play a lot less of a role.

Kelvin Benjamin, Buffalo Bills – Kelvin Benjamin is another one of those wide receivers that I don’t think will ever pan out. As of now, he’s the #1 WR in Buffalo, but I think their passing game is going to be horrendous. I’m not touching any Bill this season. There are always going to be the guys who think that ‘this is Kelvin Benjamin’s year,’ but it’s past that point for me. I see no upside in drafting Benjamin, and I’d stay away.

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Tight Ends:

Jordan Reed, Washington Redskins – Jordan Reed has always had the talent to be the best tight end in the league, but he’s been plagued by injuries the last couple of seasons. Reed missed 10 games in 2017, and 4 games in 2016. When he’s on the field, he’s been terrific, but I can’t rely on Jordan Reed to stay on the field anymore. I wouldn’t trust him on my fantasy team.

Jack Doyle, Indianapolis Colts – Jack Doyle had a very good season in 2017 with 80 receptions for 690 yards and 4 TDs. However, with the Colts bringing in Eric Ebron, Doyle’s role will definitely decrease in 2018. It will likely be one of those scenarios where you don’t know who the guy to play well will be between Doyle and Ebron. I don’t like touching scenarios where I’m not 100% sure who the guy is going to be. Doyle is in that scenario.

Cameron Brate, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Cameron Brate has been a solid target for Jameis Winston and the Bucs the past couple of years. However, there’s a reason that the Bucs took O.J Howard in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Howard will definitely increase his reception total from last season (26), leaving less production for Cameron Brate. If you’re going to pick a tight end from Tampa, pick O.J Howard, and not Cameron Brate.

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