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Fantasy Football Q&A With Matt Okada

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With the first week of NFL preseason in the books, we talked fantasy football with Matt Okada. Matt is the Co-Host of the Redshirts Fantasy Football Podcast, and a Writer for The Fantasy Footballers, numberFire, and FantasyPros. You can follow him on Twitter @FantasySensei! Here is the Q&A:

Dylan Burd: Who are your biggest fantasy football sleepers and busts going into this season?

Matt Okada:

Sleepers – Dak Prescott, Jordan Wilkins, Kenny Stills, Eric Ebron

Busts – Drew Brees (not so much in total fantasy points, but I think he’ll let a lot of people down later in the year), Kareem Hunt, Tyreek Hill, Evan Engram

Dylan Burd: What’s your biggest fantasy takeaway from the first week of preseason?

Matt Okada: Tough to pick one, so I’ll cheat and pick two. First, the Carson vs. Penny battle might be more legitimate than we thought. Penny looked awful in pass protection, and Carson looked as good as Coach Carroll has been hyping him to be. Keep an eye on this depth chart throughout preseason. Second, whoever is starting at QB for the Cleveland Browns needs to be owned. That’s right, I said it. I’ve also been saying it for weeks. Taylor is a QB1 until Mayfield takes the field, and Mayfield could be just as good, if and when he does.

Dylan Burd: I have DaVante Adams ranked #5 in my Standard Fantasy WRs. Where would you rank DaVante Adams amongst Fantasy wide receivers?

Matt Okada: I have him at #7, behind Allen and Evans. I’m a huge Allen truther and believe in the bounceback for Evans, but Adams is 100% in their tier, so I think #5 is very fair. He’s almost a lock for double-digit TDs, which is a rare commodity in fantasy these days.

Dylan Burd: Rank your top 10 Fantasy RBs:

Matt Okada: Gurley, Zeke, Bell, DJ, Cook, Barkley, Gordon, Fournette, Kamara, McCaffrey (in non-PPR scoring). Yes, I am extremely high on Cook and relatively low on Kamara. And I believe Zeke leads the league in rush attempts, yards, and possibly TDs, so he barely finishes behind Gurley for me (due to Gurley’s receiving dominance).

Dylan Burd: I saw that you tweeted about potentially moving Andrew Luck to your second ranked Fantasy QBs. When I did my rankings 2 weeks ago when I was unsure how healthy Andrew Luck would be I put him at 18 (obviously need to move him up a ton higher now that he’s confirmed healthy). How serious was the Luck ranking and why have him ranked so high?

Matt Okada: Very serious. Currently, I still have him at #3 behind Rodgers and Brady, but I’m on the cusp of moving him. Listen, in his last two healthy seasons, Luck was the QB2 (2014) and the QB4 (2016). He has an improved offensive line (possibly the best of his career), and I believe the most dynamic running game of his career, with Marlon Mack and Nyheim Hines in the fold. The Colts also may field the worst defense in the entire league. I could see Luck leading the league in pass attempts, getting surprisingly big contributions out of Ebron, Hines, Mack, and even Ryan Grant, and adding enough value with his legs to supplant Brady at #2 this year.

Dylan Burd: What’s your best fantasy story ever in the years you’ve been playing?

Matt Okada: There’s been a whole lot of enjoyable years, and a fair share of horrific years, but I don’t know if any one story stands out. An amusing memory I always flash back to was one of the first times I experienced fantasy-driven emotion at a live NFL game. I was watching the Broncos take on the Chargers in San Diego during the Peyton era, and had Eric Decker on my fantasy team. He caught a deep ball and had nothing but green between him and a 75-yard TD, but managed to trip on his own feet, losing me a fat chunk of fantasy points. I held a bit of a grudge against Decker for a long time after that.

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