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Fantasy Football Q&A With Mitchell Renz of Chat Sports

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We spoke with Mitchell Renz, a fantasy football expert, asking him many questions to help you be successful in your fantasy drafts! Mitchell is the Host of Fantasy Football A.F for Chat Sports. You can follow him on Twitter @MitchellRenz365. Here’s the Q&A:

Dylan Burd: Who are your biggest fantasy football sleepers and busts going into the season?

Mitchell Renz:

QB – Marcus Mariota
RB – Jamaal Williams
WR – Marquise Goodwin
TE – Ricky Seals-Jones

QB – Jimmy G
RB- Kareem Hunt
WR – Alshon Jeffery
TE – Jordan Reed

Dylan Burd: What is your strategy in the first two rounds in your fantasy drafts this year? RB-RB? RB-WR? WR-WR? Or does it depend on what spot you’re drafting at?

Mitchell Renz: Depends on spot – I use tier based drafting.

Dylan Burd: Rank your top 10 QBs:

Mitchell Renz: Fantasy Football Rankings: Top 10 QBs In 2018

Dylan Burd: Do you prefer leagues with a normal waiver wire? Or free agent auction bidding?

Mitchell Renz: FAAB budget is the way to go! Why reward people for being bad?

Dylan Burd: When do you anticipate each of the big 5 rookie QBs starting? (Baker, Darnold, Allen, Rosen, Jackson)

Mitchell Renz:

Baker – Week 12
Darnold – Week 1
Allen – Week 5
Rosen – Whenever Bradford gets hurt? Week 3
Jackson – He doesn’t start.

Dylan Burd: What’s your best fantasy football story from all the years you’ve been playing?

Mitchell Renz: The first time I won my family fantasy football league in 2015 (started in 2005). I lived in Germany at the time and the Giants were playing the Vikings on Sunday night football. I stayed up to 6 am to make sure I won the title. I didn’t sleep for 48 straight hours because I was so excited. The year before I lost in the championship game and it crushed me.

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