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NBA Trade Grades: Harrison Barnes Shipped to Sacramento

The Mavericks traded Harrison Barnes to the Kings during their game on Wednesday night.

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Full Trade Details:

Kings Receive: Harrison Barnes

Mavericks Receive: Justin Jackson & Zach Randolph (Buyout expected)

Kings Outlook:

I absolutely love this trade for the Kings. The awareness of Sacramento to know that they’re probably not going to land any free agents this offseason is huge. So many teams wouldn’t think like that, but Sacramento did, and went out and got Harrison Barnes not caring that he’ll be owed $25 million next season.

Barnes is only 26, and while he’s not having a great shooting year (40.4 FG%, 38.9% 3PT%), it’s possible that a change of scenery to a competing team can benefit him. The Kings have a legitimate chance to make the playoffs this season after this trade.

Grade: A-

Mavericks Outlook:

The Mavericks cleared out Harrison Barnes salary, creating a max contract slot for this upcoming summer. Watch out for Dallas to be a sneaky attraction for a big free agent this summer, as they have a nice young core in Doncic and Porzingis.

The Mavs also got back a second-year player in Justin Jackson, who they can hope to develop into a solid role player. I’m a fan of this deal for the Mavericks.

Grade: B+

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