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NBA Trade Grades: Heat Trade Tyler Johnson to the Suns

The Heat traded Tyler Johnson to the Suns Wednesday afternoon.

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Full Trade Details:

Suns Receive: Tyler Johnson, Wayne Ellington (waived)

Heat Receive: Ryan Anderson

Suns Outlook:

This is a solid trade for the Suns, who have been searching for a point guard all season. Tyler Johnson, who’s averaging 10.8 PPG on 42.6% from the field and 35.3% from downtown, is making $19 million this season and next season, just a bit less than Ryan Anderson, who is making $20 million this seasons and $21 million next season. Both players are unrestricted free agents in 2020. Johnson has a player option for next season that he’ll definitely accept.

Phoenix also took on Wayne Ellington’s salary for this season, although they waived him. For Phoenix, I like the move to get a point guard when you’re not taking that much of a salary hit. It’s definitely worth it, especially because they’re not signing many free agents anyway this upcoming offseason. Let Tyler Johnson play at point guard the rest of this season, and see what he’s got.

Grade: B

Heat Outlook:

The Heat looked at this move as a salary dump. Ryan Anderson comes over with a huge salary, but they can waive and stretch him to save money on the cap. This is a solid move from Pat Riley and Miami, as you always like to save money and open up a bit of cap space.

Grade: B+

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