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NBA Trade Grades: Wizards Send Otto Porter Jr. to Chicago

The Wizards dealt Otto Porter Jr. to the Bulls for Bobby Portis and Jabari Parker on Wednesday.

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Full Trade Details:

Bulls Receive: Otto Porter Jr.

Wizards Receive: Bobby Portis, Jabari Parker, 2023 Second Round Pick

Bulls Outlook:

This was a major “screw it” trade for the Bulls. Otto Porter Jr., a player who proved he could be valuable in this league, was available for almost nothing. Yes, I understand that Otto Porter is going to be making $28 million in 2020-21, but he’s only 25 years old. We’ve seen that Otto Porter Jr. can hit the 3 at over 40%, and we’ve seen that Porter can be a solid defender as well. If you’re the Bulls, and you don’t plan on making a free agent splash any time soon, why not take a chance on Otto Porter, and see if he fits in well with the team. Porter is the type of guy that can probably be flipped for more if it doesn’t work out in Chicago as well. I like this move from the Bulls, and think it’s pretty underrated.

Grade: B+

Wizards Outlook:

There’s some good and some bad here for the Wizards. If you’re Washington and you have no chance of competing next season when John Wall is out, you need to tank and acquire as many assets as possible along the way. The only way to do this is to start trading players, which is why Otto Porter Jr. was moved. Not only does he clear cap space with his max contract now off the books, but his departure gives young players like Troy Brown a chance to get some minutes.

My problem with this trade for the Wizards is that you’re telling me that no team offered more for a good 3-and-D player like Otto Porter Jr.? I just can’t believe that to be true. Portis can be a solid piece moving forward, but Parker most likely isn’t going to be on the team next season. Then you have the second round pick, which was another positive to the trade for the Wizards. Overall it was a great idea by the Wizards, but I just think they could have gotten more.

Grade: C+

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