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Ty Jerome NBA Draft Profile

Over the next week leading up to the draft, several more NBA Draft Profiles will be completed. Today, I’m taking an in-depth look at Virginia guard Ty Jerome. Here’s my Ty Jerome NBA Draft Profile.

Ty Jerome
Position: PG

NBA Combine Measurements:

  • Weight: 194.4 lbs.
  • Height With Shoes: 6’5.25″
  • Height Without Shoes: 6’4.25″
  • Wingspan: 6’4″
  • Standing Reach: 8’2″
  • Hand Length: 8.25 in.
  • Hand Width: 9.5 in.
  • Body Fat: 6.5%
  • Lane Agility Time: 11.21 sec.
  • Shuttle Run: 3.12 sec.
  • Three Quarter Sprint: 3.40 sec.
  • Standing Vertical: 26 in.
  • Max Vertical: 31.5 in.

College Stats:


Passing/Court Vision: After watching Ty Jerome throughout this past season, and re-watching some of his games recently, it’s clear to me that Ty Jerome is a top-three passer in the draft. He sees the floor so well. As a result he led the ACC in assists with 5.5 per game. Let’s take a look at some of the great Ty Jerome passes I found when watching film.

This play was amazing awareness by Jerome. When he’s holding the ball at first, he sees Kyle Guy in the corner. Number 1 on Texas Tech, Brandone Francis, is responsible for Guy’s corner at the spot he’s playing in the zone defense. Jerome clears out Braxton Key so he can dribble into space and draw Francis one step over. As soon as Francis takes that step towards him he throws the ball cross-court to Guy, who’s wide open as a result.

One of the characteristics of a great passer is that much of the time they know where the ball is going seconds before they actually pass the ball. In the case of the play above, Jerome realizes the shot clock is winding down, and knows he’s throwing the pass to Diakite before Hunter even passes it to him. He makes a tough pass look easy as well.

Jerome’s phenomenal passing ability makes me believe he’ll be able to average at least five or six assists per game for many seasons throughout his career.

Fundamentally Sound/High Basketball IQ:

Ty Jerome is such a smart player, often something that’s overlooked when looking at NBA Draft prospects. The play he made with the National Championship on the line won’t be remembered (Hunter’s made three will), but Jerome is the one who made it all happen.

Texas Tech should have been preventing a three-point shot no matter what in this situation. Jerome knows he’ll probably get the wide-open layup. He drives to the basket, but recognizes Jarrett Culver take a step towards him, leaving DeAndre Hunter wide open in the corner. Jerome makes the read and the pass. Once again, a high basketball IQ play from Jerome, which ultimately forced overtime, where Virginia went on to win the National Championship.

Ty Jerome is also a guy that doesn’t turn the ball over a lot at all. He was 12th in the country in assists/turnover ratio, at 3.3.

Three-Point Shooting: Ty Jerome is a really good three-point shooter, mostly in catch-and-shoot situations. He shot 39.9% from three-point range this past season and 48% on catch-and-shoot threes. Jerome also ranked in the 99th percentile in spot-up shooting this past season. (Stats via. Jonathan Wasserman, @NBADraftWass)


Athleticism/Length: It’s no secret that Ty Jerome isn’t a very athletic player. He tested from the middle to bottom in all agility drills. His wingspan is also only 6’4.” Jerome was a good defender at the college level, but will likely struggle a lot more in the NBA on that side of the ball due to the lack of athleticism and length.

The lack of athleticism also hurts Jerome in the sense that he doesn’t get to the rim a lot. He doesn’t draw many fouls and get to the free throw line.

Low Ceiling: Due to the poor athletic testing, Jerome’s ceiling as a player is definitely not as high as a player who tested on the other end of the spectrum. I think Jerome will be a really good bench player, but will he ever be a good starter? You never know, but the odds are against him due to the lack of athleticism.

NBA Player Comparison: Jose Calderon

Jose Calderon was a decent starting point guard at the peak of his career. He has an extremely high basketball IQ, always shot well from three-point range and the free throw line, and always got his share of assists. Calderon had four seasons where he averaged over 8 assists per game. I see Jerome as that type of player. He’ll be someone who will never blow you away, but will be a really smart, solid player for an organization. He’ll get his assists and always be a reliable long-range shooter.

Projected Draft Position: Mid-Late First Round, Picks 20-30

If the NBA Draft was a stock market, I’d buy some Ty Jerome stock right now, as it’s a bit too low right now. In a draft class that’s as shallow in talent as this year’s, I wouldn’t mind a team taking him in the late-teens. However, he’ll probably get taken in the final third of the first round. Assuming he does go at this time, I think the 76ers at pick 24 and the Bucks at pick 30 are the best fits for him.

Yes, I understand that Ty Jerome has a lower ceiling than several of the other players that will be drafted in the first round. That being said, I’m confident Jerome will be a solid contributor for an NBA team. Sometimes, taking the solid player is better than taking the project with tons potential if developed correctly. Jerome’s a lot more of a solid player than he’s given credit for and that’s why I think his stock is too low right now.

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