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College Classics: Six of the Best NCAAF Teams of All Time

College football is every bit as popular in the US as the professional leagues are

Unlike the rest of the world, the US takes college football just as seriously as any match in the NFL, hanging on the results of every match and cheering on the amateur players who will one day make a big splash in the professional leagues.

Unfortunately, college football doesn’t have a playoff system, like the Super Bowl, to determine who the best team in the country is, so we’ve created this list from some of the NCAAF’s high-scorers and teams with the best overall win-ratios.

Nebraska – The 1995 Team

The 1995 version of the Big Red could quite easily claim to be the most dominant team in the history of college football. Having been entirely unbeaten in the 1994 season, the 1995 team won every single one of their games, gave an equally impressive Florida team their only defeat of the season, and never won a game by less than 23 points.

It is perhaps unsurprising that 27 members of that amazing 1995 team went on to play professional ball.

Southern California – The 1972 Team

Another bulldozer of a team, the 1972 Trojans were some of the best ballplayers ever to come out of the USC. They won every match and capped the season off with a crushing 42-17 victory over Ohio State in the Rose Bowl.

With fullback Sam “Bam” Cunningham leading the charge, the Trojan’s offense scored an amazing 39 points a game. 

Miami – The 2001 Team

The 2001 Hurricanes proved the old saying that offense wins games but defense wins seasons by scoring 512 points in their undefeated run while only conceding 117 across the entirety of the year.

Much like the 1995 Nebraska team, the talent of the 2001 Miami team translated well to the professional leagues, with six of the players in the 2001 team going on to have pro-ball careers in the NFL.

Texas – The 2005 Team

Headed up by Vince Young as their quarterback, the 2005 Texas Longhorns offense rampaged to a total of 652 points over thirteen unbeaten games while their defense let in just 213 points. 

To cap off a perfect season, they took on the tough task of overcoming the as-yet-unbeaten defending Rose Bowl champions, Southern California., beating them in a tight 41-38 finish to complete both an unbeaten run and a national title.

Ohio State – The 1968 Team

OJ Simpson, at the time the star All-America running back for the USC, told the 1968 Ohio State team “You’re the greatest team in the country and don’t let anybody tell you that you aren’t.”

Spurred on by high praise from The Juice, The Buckeyes went 10-0 over the course of their season, with only one draw to mar their superb record. They won the Big Ten title and overcame stiff competition to beat an almost unbeaten USC team in the Rose Bowl.

Not only did the 1968 Buckeyes team produce eleven  All-American players and six of the first-round draft picks for the next NFL seasons, but they also kick-started a three-season run of Ohio State winning or sharing the Big 10 title.

Oklahoma -The 1956 Team

The 1956 Sooners team was part of the now-infamous 47-game winning streak that gave Oklahoma the, still standing, NCAA records for most consecutive games won. 

Unfortunately, they were denied a chance to cap their undefeated season with a Rose Bowl win because of a set of older conference rules that prevented teams from entering a bowl game in back-to-back seasons.

Regardless of their Rose Bowl woes, the Oklahoma team scored an average of 46 points per game, while their opponents were only able to sneak 51 points all season.

This amazing run was spearheaded by two figures made famous in Oklahoma football: legendary coach Bud Wilkinson and star halfback Tommy McDonald. McDonald had an amazing season with 14 touchdowns run in, four touchdowns caught, and even three passing assists.

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