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A New Era: Welcome Back to Sports Burd!

What’s up everyone!

It’s been a while. Two and a half years ago, my sophomore year at Penn State, I created as a place to put my writing.

I loved to write about sports, and knew a bit about web design, so I figured why not! It was a ton of fun, and I wrote about basically any sports-related topic on my mind. This ranged from Fantasy Football, to the NBA, to the NFL and NBA Draft, to Bracketology and a lot more.

However, as the second half of junior year approached, about a year after I created the website, I became swamped with school work from my double major (Marketing and Broadcast Journalism), and became more involved with a few other websites that I was writing for.

The content I was putting out on this website became less and less of a priority, and I went from writing three or more articles per week on here to one or less.

Once I landed an internship with the New York Jets in Summer 2019, my weekly articles went down to zero. Since then, other than a few posts here and there, this website has been vacant. There hasn’t been much content at all, and I never really knew what to do here.

Me (right) after a Jets Green-White Scrimmage at Metlife Stadium in August 2019

Since the pandemic started in March, I not only graduated from Penn State, but also have had a lot more time on my hands than normal. I’ve spent these months learning a ton of new skills in content creation, including managing a YouTube channel, podcasting, more advanced Photoshop skills and more.

It’s time that I put all these skills to use to bring back Sports Burd.

However, I have a vision this time. Sports Burd will be all about Fantasy Sports (including DFS), Sports Betting, and a little bit here and there regarding Roster Moves in the NFL and NBA.

Additionally, Sports Burd content will not only be limited to written posts on this website, but will also include video and audio content. I’ve created a Sports Burd YouTube Channel where I’ll be posting multiple videos per week. These videos will be consisting of different topics such as weekly fantasy football rankings, waiver wire advice, injury reports, college football betting and more.

Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube Channel at the link here! The first videos are coming this week.

If watching videos isn’t your thing, then each video will also be available as a podcast available on platforms such Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more very soon. Written versions will also be created for some of these different topics.

Furthermore, the website will still feature one of the most popular parts of the original website: the Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer. If you would like to submit a trade for me to analyze, you can do so at the link here, and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you to all for the support, as I’m looking forward to getting everything started! If want to reach out to me, feel free to shoot me a DM @Sports_Burd on Twitter, or via email at



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