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Analyzed Trades

Trade #10: From Zach

Zach Receives: Carlos Hyde and George Kittle
Zach Trades: Zach Ertz

Additional Info: PPR, 12 Teams

Outlook: There’s a considerable difference between Zach Ertz and George Kittle, as Ertz already has 21 receptions on the season, the most of all tight ends. However, the difference between them isn’t enough to stop you from trading for Carlos Hyde. Hyde is going to be a top-ten running back this season, as he’s been simply fantastic for Cleveland, scoring four touchdowns already. Running backs are scarce, and any time you have the opportunity to get a good one you have to take it, even if you have to give up a great tight end (you’re getting Kittle also so you’ll be more than fine there). There’s no doubt in my mind I’d do this trade if I were you.

Zach’s Team: 60%
The Other Team: 40%

Trade #9: From Cory

Cory Receives: Julio Jones and Will Fuller
Cory Trades: Saquon Barkley

Additional Info: PPR, 10 Teams

Outlook: I don’t think this is too complex of a trade, as there’s no way I’d trade Saquon Barkley at this point. After week three, it’s clear that the Giants are going to rely on Saquon Barkley every week in order to win game, and the guy’s getting an absurd amount of touches.  Barkley is also third among running backs in receptions (21), which is huge for PPR. In addition, Saquon Barkley is going to be 20+ points per week in PPR leagues, and running backs are scarce this season. I wouldn’t just trade them away.

Yes, Julio Jones and Will Fuller are two solid receivers, but it seems as if the Falcons have forgotten how to get Julio touchdowns as he only had three in 2017, and has 0 this year so far. Will Fuller has been extremely solid the last two weeks, putting up over 100 yards and a touchdown in both, but I don’t think he’ll keep that up with Hopkins on the other side in Houston. Jones isn’t what he used to be for fantasy, and while Fuller could be solid, both combined aren’t worth a top-five running back. Don’t do the trade. Keep Saquon.

Cory’s Team: 40%
The Other Team: 60%

Trade #8: From Allan

Allan Receives: Todd Gurley, Jordan Howard
Allan Trades: Saquon Barkley, JuJu Smith-Schuster

Additional Info: My WRs are Hopkins, Thielen and Jones Jr.

Outlook: You have an awesome team and it’s about to get slightly better. We here at Sports Burd are huge fans of both Barkley and JuJu and if you were in a Dynasty league we would never recommend this trade. But this year, Barkley is playing behind a porous offensive line and you have enough WR depth to cover the loss of JuJu who, while he’ll still be great, is bound to lose some steam as Antonio Brown stats rise. The addition of Gurley, even at the expense of Barkley should net you an extra 5 to 10 points a week, and we project that Jordan Howard will only get better starting this week with a cake matchup against the Cardinals and next week’s contest against the Bucs, assuming that Trubisky improves to the point where defenses can’t stack the box.

You’re giving up a lot but getting a lot in return. Jones Jr. is no JuJu but since you’re short at the RB position, the boost of Gurley and Howard should offset the difference between Jones Jr. and JuJu.

Allan’s Team: 60%
The Other Team: 40%

Trade #7: From Felix

Felix Receives: Dalvin Cook and Doug Baldwin
Felix Trades: T.Y Hilton and Carlos Hyde

Additional Info: Standard, 8-Team

Outlook: This one’s tricky. You’d be receiving two players with a lot of upside, but both are banged up right now so why risk it?  Carlos Hyde is hovering around 11 points per week, Dalvin around 8. Doug Baldwin hasn’t seen a fantasy point yet and is doubtful again this week, while TY Hilton is averaging around 11 and looks back to form with Luck back under center.

Don’t be fooled by the bigger names. Keep the performers you have and let the team with Cook and Baldwin deal with the injury headache.

Felix’s Team: 40%
The Other Team: 60%

Trade #6: From Joe

Joe Receives: Julio Jones and Kareem Hunt
Joe Trades: Stefon Diggs and James Conner

Additional Info: 12 Team, PPR League

Outlook: This is certainly a star-studded trade. Let’s start with the running backs in this trade. I’ve said that James Conner is a top-five running back while Le’Veon Bell is out. In my mind, he’s certainly a better fantasy player than Kareem Hunt as long as he’s the starting running back. In addition to outrushing Hunt by 30 points and three touchdowns, Conner also has nine more receptions than Hunt, crucial for PPR leagues. The main problem is that we have no idea when Le’Veon Bell is coming back. He can show up in week four or week ten. As soon as Bell gets back, Conner is obviously a backup again. That’s why I think that there is huge risk in keeping James Conner. Also remember that Kareem Hunt is playing in the most explosive offense in the NFL right now, so he’ll certainly get his fantasy points. He’s a safe bet.

Now let’s move onto the wide receivers. For some reason, Julio Jones can’t get into the end zone in Steve Sarkisian’s offense. He’s a safe bet to get a tons of catches and yards (15 for 233 so far this season), but not touchdowns. In terms of Stefon Diggs, he’s been tearing it up with Kirk Cousins at quarterback so far with 12 catches, 171 yards, and three touchdowns through two weeks. However, I don’t think that Stefon Diggs is going to end the year with more fantasy points than Julio Jones. Julio has been a consistent top-five receiver for as long as he’s been in the league, and even if his touchdowns are down, he’ll still make it up with yards and receptions. Trading Diggs and Conner for Julio Jones and Kareem Hunt seems great right now, as you can buy low on two proven fantasy studs. However, it’d be tough for me to part with Diggs and Conner. They’re playing that well. If you’re going for the risky, home run move, keep Diggs and Conner. If you’re going for the safe bet, trade for Hunt and Julio. It’s all about preference in this trade.

Joe’s Team: 50%
The Other Team: 50% 

Trade #5: From aaa

aaa Receives: Russell Wilson, David Njoku, and Paul Richardson
aaa Trades: Matt Ryan, Phillip Lindsay, and Cooper Kupp

Additional Info: PPR

Outlook: This is a really close trade. Russell Wilson is significantly better than Matt Ryan. Ryan was an absolute disaster in week one, and with Steve Sarkisian as offensive coordinator, I’d get rid of any Falcon I have besides Julio Jones. However, quarterback is the least important position in this trade. Moving onto the other pieces in this trade, I would value Phillip Lindsay higher than David Njoku. While I’m not sold on Phillip Lindsay as the guy going forward (even after 15 carries for 71 yards and 2 receptions for 31 yards and a touchdown in week one), I think he’ll at least have a role in the passing game going forward. Njoku has all the potential, but is playing in a weak offense. Cooper Kupp is definitely a lot better than Paul Richardson. Richardson has potential as he got 4 receptions on 6 targets in week one, but Kupp is a proven commodity in a high-powered offense. Kupp is a PPR-gem also, and had 5 receptions for 52 yards and a touchdown in week one. I’m going to say that aaa loses this trade by the slightest of margins.

aaa’s Team: 47%
The Other Team: 53%

Trade #4: From Ad

Ad Receives: Marquise Goodwin, Jordan Howard, Amari Cooper
Ad Trades: Allen Robinson, Phillip Lindsay
Additional Info: 1/2 PPR
Outlook: This trade isn’t even close. I would probably do Jordan Howard for Allen Robinson and Phillip Lindsay straight up right now. Howard is 10 points a week, and one of the most consistent players in fantasy football. While Phillip Lindsay had 15 carries for 71 yards and 2 receptions for 31 yards and a TD in week one, I really see Royce Freeman being the guy in Denver later on. So talking about the running backs in this trade, Howard is better than Lindsay by a landslide. Now going to the wide receivers, I think Allen Robinson has a ton of potential this year, but at this moment I’d rank him at around WR #20 in fantasy football. Marquise Goodwin was injured in week one, but I see him being a favorite target for Jimmy Garoppolo when he comes back, as he had 29 receptions in Jimmy G’s five starts to end the 2017 season. I think he could be better than Allen Robinson. Amari Cooper is honestly irrelevant in this trade, as the Raiders are a disaster and can’t get him the ball. Overall, this trade is a blowout for Ad. He gets the better end BY A MILE!
Ad’s Team: 90%
The Other Team: 10%


Trade #3: From Logan

Logan Receives: Derrick Henry
Logan Trades: Tevin Coleman
Additional Info: “12 team (PPR), All TD’s are 7 points, 3 points for every 25 yards, and long TD bonuses for 40+ (4pts) & 50+ (5pts) rushing, 40+(7pts) & 50+(8pts) TD bonus for receiving. Thank you!”
Outlook: This is a pretty even trade, especially with your league settings. Tevin Coleman and Derrick Henry both split time with other competent backs such as Freeman and Lewis. Coleman, the better receiver, will end up with more catches than Henry, but Henry will end up having more carries. Although both struggled week one, both are still worth starting and trading for. I like Henry in this trade by a small margin due to a little more volume. Fantasy football is all abut volume and touches, and I think Henry will have more touches than Coleman by the end of the season.
Logan’s Team: 55%
The Other Team: 45%


Trade #2: From David

David Receives: DeAndre Hopkins
David Trades: Tyreek Hill and Nick Chubb
Additional Info: 1/2 PPR
Outlook: While Tyreek Hill had a ridiculous week one, this trade still isn’t that close at all. DeAndre Hopkins is a top-3 receiver in fantasy football, and if you can use Tyreek Hill’s performance week one to get that, then do it in two seconds! Yes, Hill had 7 receptions for 169 yards and two touchdowns last Sunday and is on elf the most explosive players in football, but Hopkins will put up more consistent numbers throughout the year. Hopkins had a pretty good week with 8 receptions for 78 yards, but he didn’t score a touchdown. Once he starts getting into the end zone, he’ll be a better fantasy receiver than Tyreek Hill. Nick Chubb is a complete non-factor in this trade as he’s the third running back in Cleveland and only had 3 carries in week one. Do this trade and don’t look back, David!
David’s Team: 70%
The Other Team: 30%

Trade #1: From Brady

Brady Receives: Doug Baldwin
Brady Trades: Alex Collins

Outlook: This is a tough trade to analyze. Alex Collins was an absolute beast at the end of the 2017 season. However, you don’t know what you’re going to get out of him this year. I think he’ll be a top-20 running back, but who knows if a guy like Kenneth Dixon will steal some carries along the way. With a guy like Doug Baldwin, you know what you’re getting with him. He’ll likely be a top-15 wide receiver, especially because Russell Wilson doesn’t have many targets in Seattle. In this case, I’m going to favor your team here, since you’re getting the “sure thing.” However, if your team isn’t deep at the running back position, I’d reconsider the deal. Make sure your team is prepared to move forward without a potential top-20 running back on your team. Running backs are scarce this year.

Brady’s Team: 55%
The Other Team: 45%


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