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Analyzed Trades: 2018

Analyzed by: Dylan Burd & Allan Burd

Trade #38: From Tyler

Tyler Receives: David Johnson
Tyler Trades: Nick Chubb and Calvin Ridley

Additional Info: 10-team, Full point PPR. Julio Jones is my WR1 and Kareem Hunt is my RB1. Sanders is WR2 and have Boyd as WR3. Picked up Ridley and Chubb off from Waivers. Mark Ingram is only RB on my bench. Thanks!

Outlook: This one’s a definite no! Don’t be fooled by name recognition. David Johnson is average at best this year, as he’s averaging around 12-13 points per week in PPR leagues this year. With only 24 receptions, his season has been not what we expected this year, and that’s mainly due to the Cardinals having a rookie QB, and the team just being horrendous. Chubb should do almost as well if not better for the rest of the year as he’s now the lead RB in Cleveland getting 20 carries per week, and Calvin Ridley’s been a stud despite a few bad weeks sprinkled in. Stick with what you have, and don’t chase the big name.

Tyler’s Team: 20%
The Other Team: 80%

Trade #37: From Ron

Ron Receives: A.J Green and Kerryon Johnson
Ron Trades: Mark Ingram and Sammy Watkins

Additional Info: 2-pt PPR, 10 Teams, 1pt/10yd receiving and rushing 6pt/touchdown

Outlook: We would take this deal, but only if you expect to make the playoffs. A.J Green and Kerryon Johnson are nursing injuries. AJ has a toe injury and is expected to miss 2 weeks. Kerryon is nursing an ankle sprain and is facing a very tough Bears front-7 this week with Riddick back in action. Meanwhile, Ingram has been taking a backseat (probably due to his fumbling issues) and Watkins, while excellent, is playing in an offense with a lot of mouths to feed, so when all are healthy, we prefer the players you are getting, but right now that’s not the case. You get the better end, but be careful and make sure you can survive the short-term hit.

Ron’s Team: 60%
The Other Team: 40%

Trade #36: From Vincent

Vincent Receives: Melvin Gordon
Vincent Trades: Tyreek Hill and Kerryon Johnson

Additional Info: .5 PPR, 10 Team

Outlook: This is a very interesting trade, as you’re giving up two starters in Tyreek Hill and Kerryon Johnson. However, both of those players have some red flags with them. With Tyreek Hill, you get a player who’s explosive, but inconsistent. Out of Hill’s 7 touchdowns, 5 have come in two different games. In terms of Johnson, you know he’s going to get you 10-12 points per week, but he’s not getting the touchdowns because of LeGarrette Blount. This limits his upside. Melvin Gordon is a top-5 fantasy player right now. He’s a game-changer. He’s 20-25 points per week and extremely consistent. I feel like this is hard to pass up since you’re getting Gordon.

Vincent’s Team: 70%
The Other Team: 30%

Trade #35: From Seth

Seth Receives: Kareem Hunt
Seth Trades: James Conner

Additional Info: Full PPR, Keeper League, Conner would be a last round keeper

Outlook: Two GREAT players. Conner has some risk if Bell gets back which makes Hunt the surer thing this year but here’s why we say no. First, you’re in a Keeper league with Conner a last round keeper. That’s going to be HUGE for you next year as Conner will easily be a top pick next year. Second, if Bell doesn’t play again this year, and our uniformed opinion is that he won’t, Conner has slightly more upside. We say Hold Conner 90-10% and look forward to winning this year and DOMINATING next year.

Seth’s Team: 20%
The Other Team: 80%

Trade #34: From Matt

Matt Receives: Le’Veon Bell, T.Y Hilton, Alshon Jeffery, Alex Collins
Matt Trades: James Conner, Stefon Diggs

Additional Info: 10 Team, Standard, 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, K, D/ST, Bench of 6

Outlook: This is the crazy type of trade that we love at Sports Burd. Giving away Conner is most likely going to hurt you in the short term, as he’s the fourth ranked fantasy running back so far in standard leagues according to points scored. Bell still hasn’t reported and once (if) he does, we’re not sure he gets on the field right away. But, if he does return, you have an absolute stud heading into the playoff weeks. On the flip side, if the Steelers trade Bell, then both Conner and Bell will have value but Conner’s value should be higher still, even if Bell is traded to a decent team. So, we’re giving Conner a 60-40% higher value than Bell (just because of Bell’s unknowns), but of course that can drastically flip in either direction at a moment’s notice.

However, with Collins added in—who’s having a very hit or miss year (only two week over 10 point in standard leagues so far—this moves closer to 53-47%. In the WR portion of the trade, while we love Diggs, who’s without a doubt a top-15 fantasy wide receiver, getting Alshon and T.Y for him is a steal. Alshon has gone for over 16 points in two of his three weeks he played, and Hilton has gone over 10 in three of his four weeks played. So, we think this is a good deal for you, especially if you’re stacked at RB, and short on WR. In addition, you may have hit fantasy gold if Bell decides to show up for work. 65%-35% in your favor. Even higher if you’re other WR’s were weak.

Matt’s Team: 65%
The Other Team: 35%

Trade #33: From Jeff

Jeff Receives: Mark Ingram
Jeff Trades: Leonard Fournette

Additional Info: Standard

Outlook: Make the deal. Fournette may be the better player when he’s healthy, but at this point in the season, Ingram appears to be a much surer thing and should do just fine for you without the headache. There’s not even a need to bring stats into this conversation. One has been one the field, and one hasn’t.

Jeff’s Team: 70%
The Other Team: 30%

Trade #32: From Vincent

Vincent Receives: Julio Jones and Nyheim Hines
Vincent Trades: Tyreek Hill and JuJu Smith-Schuster

Additional Info: .5 PPR

Outlook: We at Sports Burd do NOT recommend making this trade. Sure Hines has been playing well as he has 29 receptions and three touchdowns, but he’s on the Colts and Mack is scheduled to return soon. And did we mention he’s on the Colts? As for Julio Jones (564 yards, 0 touchdowns), he should be greater than he is, but for whatever reason, he’s just not getting in the end-zone and overall both Hill and Smith-Schuster have been performing better than or equal to him on any given week. Hill has 27 receptions for 425 yards and three touchdowns, and Smith-Schuster has 35 receptions for 450 yards and two touchdowns. So why give away two proven studs with explosive upside for a risky newcomer and a superstar that’s not living up to his potential?

Vincent’s Team: 30%
The Other Team: 70%

Trade #31: From Josh

Josh Receives: Corey Clement and Sterling Shepard
Josh Trades: Julio Jones

Additional Info: PPR, 12-Team Keeper, Had Ajayi

Outlook: The Eagles backfield is a tough puzzle to figure out. Clement may end up being a stud, but Smallwood is there and Sproles is coming back so it’s a dangerous long-term play. Shepard is decent but you can’t expect consistency from him every week and his upside is limited. On the other hand, the lack of TD’s on Julio’s side is one of the great mysteries to the Fantasy Football world. The guy has 34 receptions for 564 yards… and NO TOUCHDOWNS! It’s frustrating for sure, but we say hold Julio because he’s the more explosive player and we (and the rest of the world) are hopeful the TD situation rights itself soon.

Josh’s Team: 40%
The Other Team: 60%

Trade #30: From Ray

Ray  Receives: Keenan Allen and Adrian Peterson or James White
Ray Trades: Odell Beckham Jr.

Additional Info:  1/2PPR, 10-Team, no TE position (FLEX instead)

Outlook: We love Odell, but if we are reading your deal correctly it’s 2-for-1 so trade OBJ away and grab Keenan and James White (a PPR monster) over Peterson and don’t look back. These two should more than compensate, as Allen is a top-10 wide receiver, and White may be a top-15 RB in PPR leagues as he has 32 receptions for 270 yards and four touchdowns already this season.

Ray’s Team: 80%
The Other Team: 20%

Trade #29: From Michael

Michael Receives: Jordan Howard and Sammy Watkins
Michael Trades: Dalvin Cook

Additional Info: .5 PPR, 10-Team

Outlook: Let me start by saying I have Dalvin Cook on my team and he’s killing me. The question becomes, will he be healthy enough to return to early last season form or will he continue to limp through the rest of this season? We honestly don’t know. When he’s been on the field he looks powerful, but he just hasn’t been on the field that much. So, are Watkins and Howard worth giving up on Cook’s potential? Both are inconsistent performers that might have a breakout game here or there but they never do it on a weekly basis. Howard has been pretty horrendous this year, as he hasn’t eclipsed more than 85 rushing yards in a single game, while also being irrelevant in the passing game (only 10 receptions). Watkins has been seeing 5-6 receptions per game, but only has one touchdowns. This is tough, but we say hold onto Cook and hope he gets healthy or try to get one or two consistent performers in return.

Michael’s Team: 40%
The Other Team: 60%

Trade #28: From Tyler

Tyler Receives: Emmanuel Sanders and Zach Ertz
Tyler Trades: Ezekiel Elliot

Additional Info: PPR

Outlook: Trades that involve players at different positions are tough to analyze without us knowing what your needs are and what the rest of your roster looks like. We like Sanders and Ertz. They are two solid producers who will definitely bolster your lineup. Sanders has 33 receptions for 386 yards and a touchdown this year, while Ertz has 41 receptions for 437 yards and one a touchdown. Both of them are PPR gems. However, we also like Zeke who is still an explosive feature back, though the Cowboys aren’t the team they used to be. Zeke has 480 rushing yards and a touchdown, and has also been more heavily involved in the passing game this year, as he has 22 receptions. If you are deep enough at RB then definitely make this trade, but if you RB’s are thin and your current TE and WR’s are solid enough then hold off.

Tyler’s Team: 60%
The Other Team: 40%

Trade #27: From Lauren

Lauren Receives: James Conner
Lauren Trades: Sony Michel

Additional Info: Standard

Outlook: We don’t recommend this trade. First, there’s too much risk involved. While there’s a chance Conner will remain the feature back for Pittsburgh, there’s also a chance that this might be his last week in that role. Furthermore, Sony Michel is going to remain big in the high-scoring Pats offense and even though he shares with White, there’s plenty of points to go around. The last two weeks, he has 43 carries for 210 yards and two touchdown. Michel will give you a solid showing every week, so hold onto your sure thing.

Lauren’s Team: 10%
The Other Team: 90%

Trade #26: From Chris

Chris Receives: Christian McCaffrey and Golden Tate
Chris Trades: Ezekiel Elliot and Demaryius Thomas 

Additional Info: PPR Dynasty

Outlook: This is a repeat request. See trade #25 for analysis.

Chris Team: 53%
The Other Team: 47%

Trade #25: From Clay

Clay Receives: Christian McCaffrey and Golden Tate
Clay Trades: Ezekiel Elliot and Demaryius Thomas

Additional Info: PPR

Outlook: This is as fair a trade as they come. Trading away Zeke is a tough thing to do but in a PPR league McCaffrey is seeing an average of 3 more targets than Zeke, and it would be far more if not for the week they gave McCaffrey only 2 targets because he rushed 28 times. We also view Tate as a far better upside option to Demaryius so you’re getting the advantage there. This is a close deal but we say go for it. And to add to that, McCaffrey already through his bye week so that helps as well.

Clay’s Team: 53%
The Other Team: 47%

Trade #24: From Matt

Matt Receives: James White and Odell Beckham Jr.
Matt Trades: Ezekiel Elliot

Additional Info: PPR, 12-Team, Solid at RB, Weak at WR

Outlook: Yes. While Zeke is a fantasy stud and putting up 17-20 points per week in PPR leagues, James White (22 receptions this season) could do as well on a weekly basis, and Odell is an explosive player that should return to form once/if the Giants can solve their O-line problems. But whether he does return to form or not, if you’re really weak at WR, make this deal. In 12-man teams there’s often nothing on the waiver wire.

Matt’s Team: 65%
The Other Team: 35%

Trade #23: From Robert

Robert Receives: Royce Freeman
Robert Trades: Aaron Jones

Additional Info: Standard

Outlook: Everyone’s hyping up Aaron Jones after the 17 carries for 107 yards and a touchdown he got within the last two weeks combined. Can I say overreaction? We know that no Green Bay running back is going to be that valuable in fantasy and that’s just the truth. Every year, guys rotate and there’s no solid #1 back. That’s going to remain true. In terms of Royce Freeman, I love the guy, but he’s been tremendously underutilized by Vance Joseph and the Broncos. I want you to look at this tweet from Yahoo’s Brad Evans regarding Royce Freeman.

The guy is amazing. He already has 219 rushing yards and three touchdowns only only 44 carries. It’s only a matter of time before Royce Freeman is the guy in Denver, and getting 15-20 touches per week. Definitely make this trade.

Robert’s Team: 65%
The Other Team: 35%

Trade #22: From Chris

Chris Receives: Tyreek Hill
Chris Trades: Devonta Freeman

Additional Info: None

Outlook: Both Hill and Freeman are solid players, so this is a tough call to make without additional information. Are you in a PPR league? Do you need to win this week? (Hill has a tough matchup against Jags). Who else do you have at these positions? However, without that knowledge, we slightly favor Tyreek Hill. He’s an explosive talent (23 receptions, 364 yards, and three touchdowns so far) that can win you a week and will still get you points on an off week. Devonta Freeman is still banged up as he only has six carries in one game this season, and splits with Coleman. Also, Atlanta’s play calling is very inconsistent.

Chris’s Team: 55%
The Other Team: 45%

Trade #21: From Brian

Brian Receives: Corey Davis, Kerryon Johnson, Derrick Henry, and James Conner
Brian Trades: Saquon Barkley

Additional Info: PPR

Outlook: Is Saquon Barkley the only good player on your team? We ask this because we love the guy and would NEVER advocate trading him unless your situation is desperate. Now let’s look at what you’re getting. We like James Conner, but with Le’Veon Bell reportedly returning in Week 7 we can’t vouch for his long-term value. Derrick Henry has been underperforming all year, and may be a droppable player in a week or two. We LOVE Kerryon Johnson’s talent, but Matt Patricia seems like he doesn’t want to overwork him which is severely limiting his upside. Corey Davis has tremendous upside, as he has 22 receptions, 312 yards, and a touchdown on 39 targets this season, but isn’t going to show it every week. So, here’s what we say… if you need to rebuild your team from scratch, and are DESPERATE for players at the RB position, make this trade. If not, hang onto the better player.

Brian’s Team: 45%
The Other Team: 55%

Trade #20: From James

James Receives: Rob Gronkowski and Alshon Jeffery
James Trades: Mark Ingram and T.Y Hilton

Additional Info: 12 Team, PPR

Outlook: This is an extremely tough trade to analyze. It’s all going to depends on who your tight end and running backs are. T.Y Hilton already has 21 receptions for 294 yards and two touchdowns this season, but is banged up and may miss a few games. Alshon Jeffery had 8 receptions for 105 yards and a touchdown in his season debut. In my opinion, Hilton for Jeffery is a push. The huge question is are your RBs good enough to give away a potential top-ten RB away in order to get the best tight end? RBs and tight ends are both scarce this year, but the difference here is injury history. I’d be worried trading for Gronk, as he’s already banged up a bit right now, and based on his injury history, could be banged up at any time. I’d keep the potential star running back in Ingram, who will get you 12-15 per week, but it sure is a close trade.

James’s Team: 49%
The Other Team: 51%

Trade #19: From Francisco

Francisco Receives: Davante Adams
Francisco Trades: Jarvis Landry

Additional Info: PPR

Outlook: So far, both of these players have been solid and are clear #1 WRs on their teams. Both players have over 40 targets. The main reason I’d say to make this trade is because Adams is going to get the touchdowns that Landry won’t. Adams is outscoring Landry in that department 3-0 right now, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the season ends and Adams has double the amount of touchdowns as Landry. Also, Aaron Rodgers is a more proven quarterback than Baker Mayfield, so I trust Adams’ situation a lot more than Landry’s. Make this trade.

Francisco’s Team: 60%
The Other Team: 40%

Trade #18: From Chris

Chris Receives: Odell Beckham Jr.
Chris Trades: TY Hilton, Matt Breida, Ryan Fitzpatrick

Additional Info: 0.5 ppr, 3 WR and Flex, have Barkley and Kamara at RB, McCoy and White on bench

Outlook: Another tricky one. Odell’s been underperforming because Eli just doesn’t have enough time to throw the ball. He still hasn’t caught a touchdown this season despite having 31 receptions and 331 receiving yards. Hilton’s actually been just as effective, but he just got hurt, you don’t need Breida, and Fitzmagic appears to be have vanished. So the question becomes will Odell break loose or is having him just having name recognition? If T.Y. didn’t have a hammy issue, we’d say don’t make this trade. But consider his current injury status, and the strength of the RB’s on your bench. You’re not giving up much that you need. We’ll call this one 51% to 49% in your favor, but we suggest making a counter offer subbing McCoy in for Breida, since Breida seems to have more upside potential at the moment.

Chris’s Team: 51%
The Other Team: 49%

Trade #17: From Sarge

Sarge Receives: Doug Baldwin and Jordan Howard
Sarge Trades: Saquon Barkley

Additional Info: 12 team PPR… I have Hyde, Lynch, James White, Drake, Lindsay, Aaron Jones. Receivers are terrible. Tate, Boyd, Lockett.

Outlook: This is not a deal we would make. Saquon is the real deal, so even though you’re stacked at RB he’s NOT the guy to get rid of. Barkley has 56 rushing attempts and 27 receptions, so he’s a MASSIVE part of that Giants offense. He’s at least 15-20 points per week in PPR leagues. Plus you’re not that bad at WR. Tate is solid and will end the season with over 90 receptions. Look to move one of you’re other 5 for a solid WR. In a 12-man league RB’s are tough to come by, so don’t let them short change you either. Plus, you don’t even need Howard and Baldwin’s been hurt. Keep Barkley and look for a better deal.

Sarge’s Team: 25%
The Other Team: 75%

Trade #16: From Shane

Shane Receives: Carlos Hyde and Golden Tate
Shane Trades: Keenan Allen

Additional Info: 12 team, full point PPR

Outlook: Yes, Yes, and… hell yes. Regardless of what Chubb did this week, Hyde still appears to be the main ball carrier and he’s been solid so far every week. He has 83 rushing attempts and 5 touchdowns through only 4 weeks! To add to that, Keenan’s been underperforming (24 rec, 282 yards, 1 TD) and Tate’s been killing it (28 rec, 389 yards, 3 TDs). Even if Allen ends up outperforming Tate, you are still getting back Carlos Hyde who’s easily a top-15 running back at this point.

Shane’s Team: 90%
The Other Team: 10%

Trade #15: From Jorge

Jorge Receives: Michael Thomas, Leonard Fournette, Andy Dalton
Jorge Trades: Davante Adams, Drew Brees, Joe Mixon

Additional Info: Half PPR, 10 team, 2 QB

Outlook: This trade needs to be broken down one position at a time…

Brees v. Dalton: With Ingram back this week, Brees’ numbers may decline, but we still figure him to be more reliable than Dalton. In standard leagues, Brees has outscored Dalton by 16.3 fantasy points so far this season. Brees may not beat Dalton every week, but should beat him most weeks. Edge Brees.

Thomas vs. Adams: We love both of these guys. Both have QBs that are HOF bound. Both continuously produce. Slight edge to Thomas, who has 42 receptions on 44 targets in only four weeks compared to Davante Adams who has only 28 receptions on 43 targets. Obviously, Michael Thomas’s reception numbers aren’t sustainable unless he’s going to shatter all receiving records for a single season, so I only expect him to end the season as a slightly better fantasy receiver than Adams.

Mixon vs Fournette. This is the most important part of the trade. When both players are healthy, Fournette is the better of the two, plus he plays on a more run oriented offense. But it seems to us that Mixon is on the mend, while Fournette can’t seem to stay healthy, so Mixon is the guy I want on my squad right now. With all that said, we recommend you decline this trade, but feel free to revisit it later in the season if Fournette returns to his healthy self.

Jorge’s Team: 35%
The Other Team: 65%

Trade #14: From Seth

Seth Receives: Tyreek Hill and Jordan Wilkins
Seth Trades: Sammy Watkins and Joe Mixon

Additional Info: Full PPR, 12 teams, start 2rb, 2wr, rb\wr\te flex

Outlook: This is a tough one and really depends on where you need help on your roster. Let’s simplify this by removing Wilkins out of the equation. If you make this trade he’s waiver fodder. Sammy suffered a hamstring injury on Monday night so he’s tougher to judge. I’m guessing he’ll be out or limited a few weeks, but that’s just a guess. Mixon is the tougher player to give up. Word is he could be back this week with Gio banged up, and a healthy Mixon is a valuable RB in a 12-man league. All that said, we are HUGE Tyreek Hill fans, so we’re going to call this trade a 50% / 50%. Hill is easily a top-seven or top-ten wide receiver in all formats as he’s hauled in 23 receptions on 32 targets this season. He’s the best receiver in the most explosive offense in football, and a guy that’ll win fantasy leagues with his big-play ability. If you have solid RB’s that allow you to give up Mixon (and we don’t consider getting Wilkins to be one of them), make the deal. But in a 12-man league stud RB’s are tough to come by. With bye weeks on the horizon and a long season ahead, you might want to keep Mix in the mix.

Seth’s Team: 50%
The Other Team: 50%

Trade #13: From Chris

Chris Receives: Golden Tate, Alex Collins, Javorius Allen
Chris Trades: DeAndre Hopkins, Burkhead, Brandon Marshall

Additional Info: 10 team league PPR, start 1 QB 3 WR, 2 RB 1 Flex WR/TE/RB 1 D and 1 Kicker and 1 TE

Outlook: You’re trading away the better player in Hopkins, but I’m going to assume here that you need some RB help so, yes, go ahead and make this trade. Week to week Tate can be just as explosive as Hopkins and garner just as many targets, and Collins and Allen have got to better than Burkhead (currently on IR) and Brandon Marshall.

Chris’s Team: 60%
The Other Team: 40%

Trade #12: From Mike

Mike Receives: Tyreek Hill
Mike Trades: Jordan Howard

Additional Info: None

Outlook: This one doesn’t need a whole lot of analyzing. Yes, 100% make this trade. Tyreek Hill is the far more explosive player and while he’ll have some down weeks, his upside is far greater. Hill has been a target animal through the first two weeks of the season, and has 23 receptions. He’s a clear top-10 fantasy wide receiver. Howard has been underwhelming this season as he only has one touchdown through four weeks. Take Tyreek Hill. He’s the type of guy that will win leagues.

Mikes Team: 75%
The Other Team: 25%

Trade #11: From Fernando

Fernando Receives: Keenan Allen 
Fernando Trades: Allen Robinson and James White

Additional Info: PPR

Outlook: This is not a deal we’d recommend. Keenan, while great, has been underperforming, while James White is slated for an upgrade in touches due to the injury to Burkhead. Allen Robinson has been doing fine (not great, but not terrible). But in a PPR format, White is too good to let go right now. James White has 22 receptions and three receiving touchdowns through four games this season. He also had a rushing touchdown last week. These are some great numbers, and running backs are always hard to come by, so don’t take them for granted.

Fernando’s Team: 40%
The Other Team: 60%

Trade #10: From Zach

Zach Receives: Carlos Hyde and George Kittle
Zach Trades: Zach Ertz

Additional Info: PPR, 12 Teams

Outlook: There’s a considerable difference between Zach Ertz and George Kittle, as Ertz already has 21 receptions on the season, the most of all tight ends. However, the difference between them isn’t enough to stop you from trading for Carlos Hyde. Hyde is going to be a top-ten running back this season, as he’s been simply fantastic for Cleveland, scoring four touchdowns already. Running backs are scarce, and any time you have the opportunity to get a good one you have to take it, even if you have to give up a great tight end (you’re getting Kittle also so you’ll be more than fine there). There’s no doubt in my mind I’d do this trade if I were you.

Zach’s Team: 60%
The Other Team: 40%

Trade #9: From Cory

Cory Receives: Julio Jones and Will Fuller
Cory Trades: Saquon Barkley

Additional Info: PPR, 10 Teams

Outlook: I don’t think this is too complex of a trade, as there’s no way I’d trade Saquon Barkley at this point. After week three, it’s clear that the Giants are going to rely on Saquon Barkley every week in order to win game, and the guy’s getting an absurd amount of touches.  Barkley is also third among running backs in receptions (21), which is huge for PPR. In addition, Saquon Barkley is going to be 20+ points per week in PPR leagues, and running backs are scarce this season. I wouldn’t just trade them away.

Yes, Julio Jones and Will Fuller are two solid receivers, but it seems as if the Falcons have forgotten how to get Julio touchdowns as he only had three in 2017, and has 0 this year so far. Will Fuller has been extremely solid the last two weeks, putting up over 100 yards and a touchdown in both, but I don’t think he’ll keep that up with Hopkins on the other side in Houston. Jones isn’t what he used to be for fantasy, and while Fuller could be solid, both combined aren’t worth a top-five running back. Don’t do the trade. Keep Saquon.

Cory’s Team: 40%
The Other Team: 60%

Trade #8: From Allan

Allan Receives: Todd Gurley, Jordan Howard
Allan Trades: Saquon Barkley, JuJu Smith-Schuster

Additional Info: My WRs are Hopkins, Thielen and Jones Jr.

Outlook: You have an awesome team and it’s about to get slightly better. We here at Sports Burd are huge fans of both Barkley and JuJu and if you were in a Dynasty league we would never recommend this trade. But this year, Barkley is playing behind a porous offensive line and you have enough WR depth to cover the loss of JuJu who, while he’ll still be great, is bound to lose some steam as Antonio Brown stats rise. The addition of Gurley, even at the expense of Barkley should net you an extra 5 to 10 points a week, and we project that Jordan Howard will only get better starting this week with a cake matchup against the Cardinals and next week’s contest against the Bucs, assuming that Trubisky improves to the point where defenses can’t stack the box.

You’re giving up a lot but getting a lot in return. Jones Jr. is no JuJu but since you’re short at the RB position, the boost of Gurley and Howard should offset the difference between Jones Jr. and JuJu.

Allan’s Team: 60%
The Other Team: 40%

Trade #7: From Felix

Felix Receives: Dalvin Cook and Doug Baldwin
Felix Trades: T.Y Hilton and Carlos Hyde

Additional Info: Standard, 8-Team

Outlook: This one’s tricky. You’d be receiving two players with a lot of upside, but both are banged up right now so why risk it?  Carlos Hyde is hovering around 11 points per week, Dalvin around 8. Doug Baldwin hasn’t seen a fantasy point yet and is doubtful again this week, while TY Hilton is averaging around 11 and looks back to form with Luck back under center.

Don’t be fooled by the bigger names. Keep the performers you have and let the team with Cook and Baldwin deal with the injury headache.

Felix’s Team: 40%
The Other Team: 60%

Trade #6: From Joe

Joe Receives: Julio Jones and Kareem Hunt
Joe Trades: Stefon Diggs and James Conner

Additional Info: 12 Team, PPR League

Outlook: This is certainly a star-studded trade. Let’s start with the running backs in this trade. I’ve said that James Conner is a top-five running back while Le’Veon Bell is out. In my mind, he’s certainly a better fantasy player than Kareem Hunt as long as he’s the starting running back. In addition to outrushing Hunt by 30 points and three touchdowns, Conner also has nine more receptions than Hunt, crucial for PPR leagues. The main problem is that we have no idea when Le’Veon Bell is coming back. He can show up in week four or week ten. As soon as Bell gets back, Conner is obviously a backup again. That’s why I think that there is huge risk in keeping James Conner. Also remember that Kareem Hunt is playing in the most explosive offense in the NFL right now, so he’ll certainly get his fantasy points. He’s a safe bet.

Now let’s move onto the wide receivers. For some reason, Julio Jones can’t get into the end zone in Steve Sarkisian’s offense. He’s a safe bet to get a tons of catches and yards (15 for 233 so far this season), but not touchdowns. In terms of Stefon Diggs, he’s been tearing it up with Kirk Cousins at quarterback so far with 12 catches, 171 yards, and three touchdowns through two weeks. However, I don’t think that Stefon Diggs is going to end the year with more fantasy points than Julio Jones. Julio has been a consistent top-five receiver for as long as he’s been in the league, and even if his touchdowns are down, he’ll still make it up with yards and receptions. Trading Diggs and Conner for Julio Jones and Kareem Hunt seems great right now, as you can buy low on two proven fantasy studs. However, it’d be tough for me to part with Diggs and Conner. They’re playing that well. If you’re going for the risky, home run move, keep Diggs and Conner. If you’re going for the safe bet, trade for Hunt and Julio. It’s all about preference in this trade.

Joe’s Team: 50%
The Other Team: 50% 

Trade #5: From aaa

aaa Receives: Russell Wilson, David Njoku, and Paul Richardson
aaa Trades: Matt Ryan, Phillip Lindsay, and Cooper Kupp

Additional Info: PPR

Outlook: This is a really close trade. Russell Wilson is significantly better than Matt Ryan. Ryan was an absolute disaster in week one, and with Steve Sarkisian as offensive coordinator, I’d get rid of any Falcon I have besides Julio Jones. However, quarterback is the least important position in this trade. Moving onto the other pieces in this trade, I would value Phillip Lindsay higher than David Njoku. While I’m not sold on Phillip Lindsay as the guy going forward (even after 15 carries for 71 yards and 2 receptions for 31 yards and a touchdown in week one), I think he’ll at least have a role in the passing game going forward. Njoku has all the potential, but is playing in a weak offense. Cooper Kupp is definitely a lot better than Paul Richardson. Richardson has potential as he got 4 receptions on 6 targets in week one, but Kupp is a proven commodity in a high-powered offense. Kupp is a PPR-gem also, and had 5 receptions for 52 yards and a touchdown in week one. I’m going to say that aaa loses this trade by the slightest of margins.

aaa’s Team: 47%
The Other Team: 53%


Trade #4: From Ad

Ad Receives: Marquise Goodwin, Jordan Howard, Amari Cooper
Ad Trades: Allen Robinson, Phillip Lindsay
Additional Info: 1/2 PPR
Outlook: This trade isn’t even close. I would probably do Jordan Howard for Allen Robinson and Phillip Lindsay straight up right now. Howard is 10 points a week, and one of the most consistent players in fantasy football. While Phillip Lindsay had 15 carries for 71 yards and 2 receptions for 31 yards and a TD in week one, I really see Royce Freeman being the guy in Denver later on. So talking about the running backs in this trade, Howard is better than Lindsay by a landslide. Now going to the wide receivers, I think Allen Robinson has a ton of potential this year, but at this moment I’d rank him at around WR #20 in fantasy football. Marquise Goodwin was injured in week one, but I see him being a favorite target for Jimmy Garoppolo when he comes back, as he had 29 receptions in Jimmy G’s five starts to end the 2017 season. I think he could be better than Allen Robinson. Amari Cooper is honestly irrelevant in this trade, as the Raiders are a disaster and can’t get him the ball. Overall, this trade is a blowout for Ad. He gets the better end BY A MILE!
Ad’s Team: 90%
The Other Team: 10%

Trade #3: From Logan

Logan Receives: Derrick Henry
Logan Trades: Tevin Coleman
Additional Info: “12 team (PPR), All TD’s are 7 points, 3 points for every 25 yards, and long TD bonuses for 40+ (4pts) & 50+ (5pts) rushing, 40+(7pts) & 50+(8pts) TD bonus for receiving. Thank you!”
Outlook: This is a pretty even trade, especially with your league settings. Tevin Coleman and Derrick Henry both split time with other competent backs such as Freeman and Lewis. Coleman, the better receiver, will end up with more catches than Henry, but Henry will end up having more carries. Although both struggled week one, both are still worth starting and trading for. I like Henry in this trade by a small margin due to a little more volume. Fantasy football is all abut volume and touches, and I think Henry will have more touches than Coleman by the end of the season.
Logan’s Team: 55%
The Other Team: 45%


Trade #2: From David

David Receives: DeAndre Hopkins
David Trades: Tyreek Hill and Nick Chubb
Additional Info: 1/2 PPR
Outlook: While Tyreek Hill had a ridiculous week one, this trade still isn’t that close at all. DeAndre Hopkins is a top-3 receiver in fantasy football, and if you can use Tyreek Hill’s performance week one to get that, then do it in two seconds! Yes, Hill had 7 receptions for 169 yards and two touchdowns last Sunday and is on elf the most explosive players in football, but Hopkins will put up more consistent numbers throughout the year. Hopkins had a pretty good week with 8 receptions for 78 yards, but he didn’t score a touchdown. Once he starts getting into the end zone, he’ll be a better fantasy receiver than Tyreek Hill. Nick Chubb is a complete non-factor in this trade as he’s the third running back in Cleveland and only had 3 carries in week one. Do this trade and don’t look back, David!
David’s Team: 70%
The Other Team: 30%


Trade #1: From Brady

Brady Receives: Doug Baldwin
Brady Trades: Alex Collins

Outlook: This is a tough trade to analyze. Alex Collins was an absolute beast at the end of the 2017 season. However, you don’t know what you’re going to get out of him this year. I think he’ll be a top-20 running back, but who knows if a guy like Kenneth Dixon will steal some carries along the way. With a guy like Doug Baldwin, you know what you’re getting with him. He’ll likely be a top-15 wide receiver, especially because Russell Wilson doesn’t have many targets in Seattle. In this case, I’m going to favor your team here, since you’re getting the “sure thing.” However, if your team isn’t deep at the running back position, I’d reconsider the deal. Make sure your team is prepared to move forward without a potential top-20 running back on your team. Running backs are scarce this year.

Brady’s Team: 55%
The Other Team: 45%

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